Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort – Perfect for a Destination Wedding.

Photo Credit: Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort – Destination Wedding in Gazebo

Sandos Cancun is a boutique resort just 10 minutes from the Cancun airport. Read my review. When I visited I immediately thought this is a perfect location for a destination wedding.


Photo Credit: Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort – Gazebo for Destination Wedding

Cancun itself is a great place for a destination wedding not only because of the beauty, charm and history, but there are so many accessible flights in and out of the U.S.  It makes it easy for your guests to travel.  The resort is just 10 minutes from the airport, making it easy for guests to come in for a short stay if needed.




Photo Credit: Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort – Destination Wedding on Beach at Sunset

It is a smaller resort, just over 200 rooms. A destination wedding in a smaller resort makes the experience more intimate. Even if you book a small amount of rooms, you still have a large share of the hotel.  If you book just 20 rooms  – that’s 10% of the hotel.  If you have a really large wedding party and group, you can even do a take – over of the hotel (book in advance!) They day I was there they were working on details for a bride who was doing a take – over of the hotel for her wedding.



Photo Credit: Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort – Congratulations on your nuptials!

There is perfect spa, for a little bachelorette time pre – wedding, and also a beauty salon on property, to get ready for the wedding.

There is a perfect gazebo to get married, really a unique and exquisite location. I thought this is ideal because you can get married at the beach, in a stunning gazebo, with a beautiful Caribbean blue ocean or sunset in the background without being actually on the sand.  Spectacular beach options and terrace options are also available for wedding ceremonies and receptions.


Photo Credit: Eileen Herncane – Bali Bed’s on Cancun Beach

There are many romantic spots at this resort for you to start your married life. Perfect “table for 2” at Seasons restaurant overlooking the Caribbean sea and private dining on the beach.  The food at this hotel spectacular and will not disappoint your wedding guests.  There are bali beds for 2 and swinging lounge beds that add to the romantic charm of the resort.




If you are planning a destination wedding, make sure you add Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort to the list of hotel to consider.




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