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Seventy million years ago, a paradise of green-carpet valleys, emerald mountains and an ocean as blue and deep as the sky was created. Then came sparkling beaches, flowing waterfalls, fiery lava flows and vibrant natural gardens. From the history of Oahu and the excitement of its famed Waikiki Beach, to the exotic natural wonders of the Big Island, the intoxicating scents and beauty of Hawaii will be imbedded in your memory forever. Choose Maui and bask on the world’s most celebrated beaches or golf at its most scenic courses. Bike, drive or ride up to a volcano at sunrise and watch whales up close, breaching in triumphant glory. For a truly unique and peaceful getaway, experience the incredible natural beauty of Kauai, or bask in the tranquil splendor of Lanai and Molokai, enticing islands still untouched by time.

 Check out these 4 new Videos presented by Apple Vacations about Hawaii!

1. Maui, Beyond the Coasts – Maui, Hawaii

2. Big Island Activities – The Big Island, Hawaii

3. Oahu Revealed – Oahu, Hawaii

4. Day in Waimea – Kauai, Hawaii



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