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Someone asked me the other week, why do you write only about positive things?  Well, it’s true I’ve personally had great experiences when traveling. But, this week, I thought I’d point out something you should pay extra attention to when booking your vacation. LISTEN to your travel agent or travel professional when booking your vacation and do your research. A vacation you may love, your friends and neighbors may not. Decide what is important to you in a vacation, and then book that.  It’s personal!

Recently, I was asked to recommend a vacation for a young couple in my family. I did. They then went on- line and picked out an alternative resort that was less money, and asked my opinion. The newly chosen resort was HUGE so I told them just that. This is a mega resort, lots of walking, maybe even a tram car to get around. Hence why the price was lower, more rooms to fill. But the beaches are nice, the pools are huge and because the resort is so big there would be lots of dining, beach and pool choices for them. A larger resort equals more options. A young couple just may love it, as long as they understood the resort they were booking, I told them to go for it. I told them be prepared to walk a lot and they would need to make dining reservations. A little advanced planning in resort would be needed.

So upon their return I asked how the vacation was. They were not 100% happy. The resort was way too big for them and it took 30 minutes to get to the beach or to restaurants. And, if they forgot something there was no way they would go back to the room. Plus, they had to get up every morning and make dining reservations for the day. They couldn’t just walk into any restaurant even if there were empty tables. I reminded them that I told them all of that ahead of time. They agreed they should have listened and booked a vacation that would have met their expectations instead of going on a price point. 

Saona Island Excursion Available in Punta Cana and La Romana

I also had a couple recently return from one of THE nicest hotels in Punta Cana. They hated it! I asked why??  How could they possibly??? They said it was small, the bars closed early, you had to wear pants at dinner. It was just too quite. No crazy pool games, no fun music at the pool, no entertainment staff playing games. It was a quiet and tranquil resort. Most of the clientele was older and they were hoping for a more fun and lively resort. They thought booking the most expensive hotel would mean it was the best. And it is, but it was not the best for them, or for what they wanted out of a vacation. It didn’t suit their needs.

So when spending your hard earned money on a vacation of your dreams, make sure you book a vacation for you. It sounds simple, right? Do the research and if you are just not sure, make sure you call a travel agent, their experience is invaluable.  They come to our tradeshows, educational presentations and they go on site inspections. They have researched, visited and sent clients to the resorts before you. So take advantage of that first-hand knowledge. Book that Apple Vacation YOU are dreaming of!


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  1. Great advice– always try and figure out what families/clients need and want– what works for one–does not mean it will work for all~~~~

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