Apple Vacations Spring SuperSale – Don’t delay, book today!


Even seasoned travel professionals don’t always listen to their own advice, yes even me. I have been waiting for a sale to book flights for my summer vacation. Every day for the past few months the first thing I do each morning is check airfare. For the dates and location I wanted, they were high. Then they were higher, higher, went down a little, still high. Then BAM…a sale! The rates were really good. I grabbed my credit card, then asked myself, were they great? Was this the best I could do? If I waited will they go down even more? Where is my crystal ball when I needed it! I waited a day – ONE DAY –  and went to book, and the rates TRIPLED! And have remained high since. I know better. I should have booked and now I am kicking myself!

So my lesson of the day to share with you is – if you see a great price, book it! It may not be there tomorrow.  Hotels and airlines typically offer a dedicated number of seats and rooms when they offer a special class, room category or sale rate. Once that is gone, it is gone.

We are currently in the middle of Apple Vacations Spring SuperSale. There are great prices available to some top notch name brand resorts. If you are teetering on booking, just like I was, don’t delay. The sale is over March 14, but rooms and seats to Mexico and the Caribbean are going fast – especially Punta Cana. So don’t’ delay, book it today. Apple Vacations Spring SuperSale – Don’t delay, book today!


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