Bad Weather – Do you have an agent looking out for you?


 I am hearing snow predictions for many of our Apple Vacations gateways for this weekend.  Storms and bad weather such as Hurricane Sandy and Snowstorm Nemo are perfect examples of why people should use a Travel Agent versus an on–line “book it yourself” operator.

Customer service is important to every step of the vacation planning process. Using a Travel Agent is hiring a service not only to research, advise, plan and book your vacation; but they are also there for you in the event you need assistance during and after your vacation.

During both Sandy and Nemo, many Travel Agencies had clients impacted by the storms. Although the resort and destination they were in were fine, many vacationers were delayed getting home.  Flights were cancelled or delayed and airports were closed. During storms, Travel Agents don’t get a snow day! They are there working long into the night, placing calls, researching flights, waiting on hold to assist their clients and get their travel plans back on track.


Apple Vacations loves Travel Agents.  Next time you book, leave the planning and details to them so you can truly enjoy every minute of your Apple Vacation!




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