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I know you are not supposed to have “favorites” when you work with so many hotels in Mexico & The Caribbean, and if you do, you are not supposed to talk about them right? It’s like, when you have children, you never say which one is really your favorite.  But I do have a favorite Secrets Resort – Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun. I love it. I have written about it many times before.  It is currently a part of Apple Vacations SuperSale, so I wanted to feature it here again. If you are considering a vacation at this resort, you are making a great choice.

If you book with Apple Vacations, all of the Secrets Resorts and Spas have non-stop transfers to and from the resort, and you do not need wristbands, dining reservations or towel cards.  The service, staff, dining and amenities are exceptional at all of them as well. They are adults only unlimited luxury ™. Secrets Capri, however just speaks to me from the moment I walk in. It’s a smaller, more manageable resort for me and that is exactly what I prefer on a vacation. It reminds me of a colonial plantation resort on the west coast of Mexico.   It is very easy to walk around, and nothing seems too far away. The pool is a perfect size with space to relax and be alone, but also a pool bar to be social with other guests if you prefer.  The Cactus Club Ceviche & Taco Bar next to the pool and beach, is not to be missed.  Oceana the Fresh Seafood and Seaside Grill & Caribbean Steakhouse offer spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea while you dine.  And, the food at all restaurants is just spectacular. The rooms at Secrets Capri are a perfect size, they are a little bit larger than I was expecting and the bathrooms are beautifully decorated.  Even the beautiful yellow color of the resort is just calming.

Sure Secrets Maroma has one of THE  most amazing beaches in the world, and Secrets Silversands has a spectacular infinity pool and is a bit livelier, and Secrets the Vine is just breathtaking and in the middle of  Cancun, but Secrets Capri has my heart. Vacationing and visiting Secrets Capri is truly treat for me, since most of my vacations are family oriented and this resort is adults only.  But I cannot wait to get back here soon, very soon.


4 thoughts on “I Have a Secret – Secrets Capri

  1. I am so torn, and hoping you can help.

    I am heading to a Secrets Resort for my honeymoon in September, and I can not decide between the Capri, or Maroma.

    Would you be willing to email me your honest thoughts for help. I would so appreciate it. Thanks!

  2. A lot of times these things come down to personal preferences as Secrets Capri and Secrets Maroma are BOTH great choices. You really can’t go wrong either of them. Both are exceptional resorts with amazing staff and service. I would say the main difference – in my opinion – is Capri is a little smaller and more intimate. It is more manageable in getting around. The buildings/rooms themselves are closer to the beach. The Spa at Capri is one of my personal favorites. Also, the Ceviche & Taco Bar is one of my favorite places to eat, of all the resorts I have been to. It is informal and right by the pool / beach area. Secrets Maroma is a newer resort, much larger in size, and has an amazing, amazing beach! Maroma Beach is one of the most amazing beaches in the world. If you are a beach person then this is the resort for you! I hope this helps a bit! Either way, I am sure you will enjoy your vacation.

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