Hawaii’s Most Hawaiian Hotel – Kaanapali Beach Hotel


For many vacationers, especially “East- Coasters” like me, Hawaii is a “bucket – list” vacation. A trip to Hawaii is where you go on your Honeymoon or for a special occasion. It really does not have to be that way. With current airfare rates Hawaii is very, very

affordable. And with several islands to explore and various hotels to choose from, an Apple Vacation to Hawaii the possibilities are endless. Myself, I have a Hawaii “list”, places I want to visit, hotels where I want to stay, and excursions I want to do. I bookmark websites, print articles and save magazines. Whenever I come across something new or interesting about Hawaii, I file it away so I don’t forget about it when it is time for me to book! Low and behold, I recently added to my list! I learned about the Kaanapali Beach Hotel at an educational presentation and now I can’t wait to stay there!

Maui is the 2nd Largest Island in the Hawaiian Island Chain and Kâ‘anapali is Located in West Maui. Kaanapali Beach Hotel is a stunning Beachfront Location on 3 miles of golden sand beach. The hotel has been voted #1 for the past 19 years voted by Conde-Nast. The Kâ̕anapali Beach Resort is the world’s first “planned resort community” – 1,200 acres! There are two 18 – hole championship golf courses, private hotels, five condominiums, several restaurants, the Whaler’s Village Shopping Center and Whale Museum and hotels and resorts.


That all sounds great, but here is why I really think you should book Kaanapali Beach Hotel:

  • Kaanapali Beach Hotel offers the best location, location, Location! It is on the widest stretch of beautiful Kâ̕anapali Beach. And, Kaanapali Beach Hotel is Hawai̕i’s Most Hawaiian Hotel. When I travel I am all about the view, location and immersing myself in local culture. This is definitely the hotel for me.
  • As Hawai̕i’s Most Hawaiian Hotel, Kaanapali Beach Hotel offers daily Hawaiian activities and they employ full-time Hawaiian “Culture Advisors” (Alaka̕i) right on property. They offer nightly complimentary Hawaiian Entertainment & Hula Show in the Tiki Courtyard. the hotel is adjacent to Pu̕u Keka’a (Black Rock) for world-class snorkeling. They also have the first and only outdoor Tiki-Themed Bar on Maui with exotic cocktail blends, famous Mai-Tais, Pupule and Tiki Tini cocktails. The hotel provides trolley service to Historic Lâhainâ if you want to venture into town.
  • Kaanapali Beach Hotel sounds like paradise and everything I look for in a vacation. Stay tuned for my next blog on Kaanapali Beach Hotel and why this resort is an excellent choice for family vacations.


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  1. I’m planning going to Hawaii in Nov and thinking about staying in Maui,Kaui & Big Island for 5 days each. Can you offer me ideas on hotels & restaurants that are close to the resorts you suggest? Do you think this would be to much running around or should I consider 10 days at one island like Maui & 5 at the other? I could use any help you can offer. It’s my 50th birthday and can’t think any place more beautiful to enjoy it

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