The Xcalacoco Experience.

Sandos Caracol Eco – Resort and Spa – The Xcalacoco Experience.

Sandos Caracol ECO Resort and Spa has many sun, fun and Eco activities for families. One of the most unique is The Xcalacoco Experience.  It is worth the stay at this resort alone.  Not only are families going on a fun vacation at Sandos Caracol, they get to truly experience Mayan culture.

The Xcalacoco Experience is a unique program that allows guests to discover the Mayan culture in distinctive natural surroundings.  At Sandos Caracol ECO Resort & Spa, Xcalacoco is a way of being, living and thinking.

Activities in The Xcalacoco Experience include an Eco tour through nature trails that allow guests to explore the Mayan jungle. Guests witness Mayan ceremonies, visit a Mayan herb garden and plant indigenous species significant to the Mayan culture. Guests also participate in natural treatments and ancient rituals at the Spa.


The Xcalacoco Experience adventures in nature and environmental activities, encourage guests to reconnect with nature, respect the planet and engage in ecologically sustainable practices.

Families go home from this unique vacation experience both renewed and inspired. Imagine the unique stories your kids will have to tell after your family vacation to Sandos Caracol.


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