Greening Your Life

More than one million Apple Vacationers will hit the beach in 2013, but with the help of the growing eco-friendly vacation trend, their impact on the environment can be minimized, protecting the fragile ecosystems of our beloved jungles, beaches and oceans and enhancing relationships with the local culture.Eco-friendly travel is more just than a buzzword; it is a way to preserve beautiful destinations for future generations and for the locals lucky enough to live there.

Eco-Friendly Resorts

Apple Vacations is proud to partner with a variety of resorts that have made an extra-effort to preserve our planet. Eco-friendly resorts can fit any budget and will leave travelers with a more authentic vacation experience, due to a deeper understanding and respect for the places they visit.
Cancun | Cancun’s Riviera Maya | Vallarta | Cozumel | Huatulco
Los Cabos | Punta Cana | Jamaica | Aruba | Costa Rica | Hawaii

Here are more Earth-friendly Travel Tips to use when you’re on an Apple Vacation!


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