Family Vacations – Ready or not, it’s time to GO!



Another major “vacation company” has a great marketing campaign out right now, and it is what I preach all the time. Take your vacation NOW, your kids are only this age once. Don’t miss out on it.

As my son gets older, I want to freeze time.  My son is 8 and he will only be 8 once. OK, it is for an entire year I know, but I feel like he was 3, I blinked and now he is 8.  I want to soak up every minute of him being 8 and acting 8 (the good and the bad).

I do understand when people want to “Wait until their kids remember” before spending a lot of money on a vacation, or wait until their kids are “old enough” to really enjoy it. But your kids are only this age once. Every family can use some together time away from work, school, video games, homework, laptops and television.  This summer, plan your family together time on an Apple Vacation!

Plan it together by picking out destinations you want to see, hotels that have activities your family enjoys or excursions you want to experience. Or just be spontaneous and surprise them!

There is no better time spent with your family, than on an Apple Vacation!  Make the summer of 2013 one your family will never forget. Go ahead and pick out your vacation here.



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