A Destination Wedding, is it right for me?


So, it’s official, you’re engaged, congratulations!  The next burning question on everyone’s mind is “So when is the big day?”  In your mind you have always wanted a “Destination Wedding” and you are weighing the pros and cons.  Here are some things to consider when making that decision.

Pro.  A Destination Wedding, especially to Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii and Europe will offer AMAZING picturesque backdrop for your big day.  The ceremony and reception will be truly romantic, unique and beautiful.  The pictures will be spectacular.

Con. You can’t control the weather. You may wind up flying 4 hours away, and still getting married inside in a ballroom or restaurant if the weather does not cooperate.

Pro. You can always take additional photos the next day and take some more interesting “Wedding Shots”. Jump in the pool, stand in the ocean, climb a palm tree. I have seen it all.  A resort makes for unique photos that are fun to shoot.

 Con. Reminder – Don’t ruin anything that has to be returned!

Pro.  It will be a great week or weekend for friends and family to reconnect. A family reunion of sorts, with a wedding to cap it all off.

Con. You can’t expect everyone to make it. A trip may not be in everyone’s  budget, or they may have life and health circumstances that make them unable to travel. You have to accept ahead of time that not everyone will be able to make a Destination Wedding.

Pro.  Your families are all over the country and everyone has to travel.  A Destination Wedding is a perfect meeting place.

Con. You may now also be on your honeymoon with your friends and family.  Make sure you stay a few days longer, or go to a “sister” resort nearby after the wedding for some honeymoon time.


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