The flip side of a Destination Wedding…I’ve been invited, should I go?


So you are so excited that your son/daughter/cousin/friend/niece/nephew got engaged! You are very happy for the beautiful couple.  They then announce that they are having a Destination Wedding! How exciting!

Your opinion is about to come right out of your mouth. STOP and think before you say anything and remember these simple tips.

1 – Think before you give your opinion. The bride and groom may be having a Destination Wedding because that is what THEY have dreamed about their entire life.   It is the Bride and Grooms wedding, not yours.

2 – Make a decision if you can go and stick to it.  There are a lot of factors to decide on, such as, can you afford it? am I physically able to go? can I get off of work? Make a decision and let the bride and groom know. The number of guests they have will lend to different locations and venues within the resorts where they can schedule their events. They need an accurate # of guests.  The sooner they know this number, the better.

3 – Don’t complain! Don’t decide to go and then tell everyone about the sacrifice you are making. You are an invited guest and don’t let your comments make it back and upset the bride and groom.

4 – Don’t get up the next morning after the wedding and look for the bride and groom. Leave them alone!  I am speaking from experience here. They day after my wedding I had at least 10 people call or knock on our door to say good bye and tell us what a great time they had.

5 – Do enjoy yourself.  Reconnect with friends and family. Take advantage of the extended time with loved ones.  A Destination Wedding is no ordinary wedding.  Go with the flow and have a great time!


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