Say YES, YES, YES to the Dress!

We have all heard of “say YES” when picking out the dress.  I am here to remind you to say YES to the dress when leaving for the airport.

You have done a lot of planning and have the Destination Wedding of your dreams just a few short days away, PLEASE have a check list of what you will need with you for the event.

It sounds simple, maybe even silly, but learn from the experience of others. The most important things are sometimes overlooked.  Don’t let it happen to you!

When I was on my honeymoon, a couple I met in resort did NOT actually get married as planned during their Destination Wedding. He forgot the proper documentation.  They wound up doing the service and none of the guests knew.  A few days later on an excursion they told me what happened. They were so stressed out all week because of one little piece of forgotten paper on the kitchen table.

On another more recent vacation, a woman in front of me in line at airport at check–in, as she was checking in, realized that no one brought her dress. A call home to a neighbor (over an hour away) confirmed it was still hanging in their living room.  She went into complete panic mode as a good Samaritan tried to reach the airport before the flight took off. How could they forget this big dress hanging right in front of them? The reason why they are going on the trip?

Travelling is something that can be stressful, especially if it is for an important event, or if travelling is something you do not do often.  And quite honestly most things you can buy in resort if you forget them.  My advice is, a month before you go – make a check–list! It can be rather small but list the things you need to have when you leave for the airport. Check the list before you shut the car door and don’t assume anyone has done anything on that list for you.

And don’t forget:

1 – Passport – You are not going anywhere without it.

2 – Paperwork for your service.   You will have planned this well in advance, but ensure you have any paperwork the wedding coordinator or judge or celebrant advised you need.

3 – The DRESS. Please, please, please don’t forget the DRESS


One thought on “Say YES, YES, YES to the Dress!

  1. This is a great list to have!! AND the most important part of your destination wedding!!! Please ask your travel specialist for help to make this process less stressful!!

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