Travel Tips from our Fans

The other day we asked our Facebook fans & Twitter followers –

Facebook Post from 9/21/13

Here’s what you shared!

  • Vacation at least once a year to take care of your wellbeing. – From Wendy
  • Take a nightlight to put in the bathroom.  Those rooms are dark at night. – From Debbie
  • Take some little tube of after bite or something for bug bites. Some places have sand fleas and it really helps.  – From Karen
  • Always cross pack–don’t put all your things in one bag and his in another. And put a swimsuit and fresh underwear in your carry on. We also always bring a night light. – From Judy
  • Zip lock containers for your shampoo/lotions, saves your clothes if they happen to open while flying.  – From Barbie
  • Pack/bring a small flashlight. Power outages happen and rooms/resorts can get very dark. Always have a copy of your passport…just in case off loss or theft. Many resorts do not have washcloths. If you need one, pack one. – From Michele
  • Always be happy, thankful and make the best of your vacation! – From LouAnn
  • Bring a pen! How many people don’t have a pen on the plane?! – From Aaron
  • Take a plug adapter to fit all your chargers sometimes there is only one free outlet in the room. – From Rebecca
  • Back a few tea lights – in your checked bag of course. Then make a romantic evening on the balcony with a glass of wine.  Aaahh!! – From Sheilia


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