Three Tips for a Harmonious Destination Wedding Plan

Destination Weddings

As told by Apple Vacations Destination Wedding Expert, Ashley Surkin

It finally happened! They popped the question, you accepted and now you’re thrown into the swirl of wedding planning. With the options limitless, it can be a daunting ordeal for any bride and groom. From floral arrangements to cake tastings and first dances, so much time and detail goes into making your dream a reality.

When you take that first step in deciding to have a destination wedding here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Plan in advance!

Nothing guarantees a nuclear meltdown like planning a wedding in a time crunch! Do yourself (and those around you) a favor and allow plenty of time to plan. Of course that sequential date (12/13/14!) sounds tempting but understand that a wedding is generally planned at least a year in advance. Any sooner and you run the risk of venues and vendors being booked. Trust me you don’t want to start this process with limited choices! Additionally, when planning a destination wedding it is courtesy to send “Save the Dates” to all of your guests a year prior to the big day in order to give them the chance to request time off, save money and make reservations.

With that being said also remember to be mindful of the seasons in your destination! Don’t just assume because you’re going somewhere tropical that the days will be sunny and warm. The gorgeous Caribbean atmosphere comes with the higher risk of storms and a hurricane season that spans from July through October. While in Hawaii, the rainy season can make weather a little dicey from November to March. Be sure to research before jetting off!

Legal vs. Symbolic Ceremony

Every country has their own hoops to jump through when it comes to legalizing a marriage, especially that of foreigners. There is a considerable amount of paperwork that must be sent and translated prior to your arrival and legal translation and judge’s fees. In Mexico, it is required to have an on-site blood test before your nuptials. Typically it is recommended that couples consider having a symbolic ceremony at their destination. The ceremonies are conducted in the same manner, the only difference being the presence of a judge.

Take care of your guests!

While it may sound exciting for you to pack as much into your getaway as possible your guests may desire some R&R. Whether they choose to sleep in, lounge by the pool or go exploring, having that freedom would certainly be appreciated. (This will give you a chance to spend some quiet time with your one and only!) Events that should remain on the agenda include the rehearsal or welcome dinner to greet your loved ones and inform them of any important weddings details.

This is not to say you shouldn’t take care of your guests. While it is a joyous occasion and a vacation for all, don’t leave them to fend for themselves. A welcome bag full of trip essentials like a map of the resort, sunscreen, bug spray, and water could be helpful, as would suggestions of activities. After all, they’re there for you.

It’s easy for couples to get tangled in decisions and feel an overwhelming amount of stress while planning a destination wedding but be sure to remember the tips above and have fun with the process; the rest will be smooth sailing. Happy planning!

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