Destination Wedding Trends: Go Green with Your Bling

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As told by Apple Vacations Destination Weddings Expert, Ashley Surkin

We’ve all witnessed the steps being taken towards creating a healthier environment; many of us have even participated in these efforts. If you choose reusable bags over plastic or are the ruler of the carpool trend, why shouldn’t you consider the impact your destination wedding could have on global warming, pollution, loss of animal habitats, etc.?

In fact, one of the latest trends in the bridal industry is wearing the Green Bride crown with pride. Here are a few helpful tips for having an environment-friendly wedding day!

1. First comes the ring, and then comes marriage! If you want to compliment your green nuptials with the perfect engagement or wedding ring, a blood-free diamond would be my suggestion. These diamonds are becoming more desirable among brides-to-be. What is it exactly? A blood-free diamond is one that has no history of being traded under suspicious circumstances. The most important factor being that the mining and shipping processes were through legitimate and humane methods. Diamonds that meet these regulations arrive with a Kimberly Process certificate to vouch for its authenticity. Be wary of any jeweler who cannot tell you the origin of the diamond.

AVDW TipDon’t automatically assume you’ll pay more for your green bling. A lot of factors can make a diamond pricier but being conflict-free certified shouldn’t be one of them.

2. Get physical! For many guests, attending your destination wedding is a great opportunity to kick back and relax on a tropical vacation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan fun group activities. In keeping with the ‘green’ theme, you might want to skip the motorized or gas powered water sports and look into water or solar powered activities or even exciting adventures like scuba diving, zip lining or sailing!

3. Au Naturel! Using natural components to decorate your event space not only protects the environment but also adds an element of the culture. You’ve chosen a destination wedding after all, so show off the beauty of your surroundings! Try holding the ceremony and reception in the same area or even better, move outdoors to a deck or sandy location garnished with candles or torches, tropical flowers and unplugged performances from a steel drum or a mariachi band.

AVDW TipGo local! Exotic foods and flowers are not only costly but transport itself wreaks havoc on the environment with carbon emissions. Using local vendors is a great way to incorporate the culture and customs of your wedding destination!

Follow these bridal ‘go green’ tips and you’ll know you’ve done your part in the global stride towards a cleaner earth.

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