So You’re Attending A Destination Wedding …

Written by Apple Vacations Destination Weddings Expert, Ashley Surkin

You’re invited! Whether it’s a sibling, cousin or friend, your presence is important to the happy couple so pack your bags, you’re attending a destination wedding.

While this could be a great opportunity to take some time off and relax in paradise, it can also leave you with some big decisions and even bigger questions.

Here are few helpful hints to keep in mind:

Leave your gift at home!

Yes, a gift is still customary even though it’s an expense just to attend the nuptials. It’s okay to factor in the cost of the trip when deciding what or how much to give the couple, but please understand you are still attending a wedding and while your presence is greatly appreciated, it is not an adequate “gift”.

With that in mind, the last thing the couple wants to worry about is transporting gifts safely back home, so do them a favor and send your gift either before or after you return.

AVDW Tip: Consider gifting a souvenir from your trip! A little keepsake such as a handmade or personalized ornament from the location will serve as a constant reminder of the special occasion. If you decide to go this route make sure you take the gift home with you and send it to the couple at a later time.

Offer extra luggage space.

Be aware of the dress code before zipping up your suitcase. While most destination weddings are more casual affairs you don’t want to show up in shorts when others are sporting suits. Once you’re packed and ready to go, find out if the couple needs to bring extra decorations or favors and offer space in your bag if you have it. Your offer could be a huge help and probably alleviate many headaches.


This should go without saying but make sure you actually RSVP to the wedding. Sometimes our daily lives get so busy that we forget even the simplest of tasks and while you may be quietly making your travel arrangements, the couple needs to be in the loop. It’s polite to let the couple know if you will be attending and how long you plan on staying. If for nothing else but an accurate head count and peace of mind.

Book early!

A destination wedding is always more fun when you’re staying with the rest of the party. Many couples opt to create a room block for their guests, which often come with special perks and discounts, all while making it easier for you to reserve a room.

Before you ‘gram it.

Sharing photos after a big event is always a great idea. Even if a professional photographer was present, the couple would still love to see a few candid snapshots. However before you upload anything for the world to see, it’s respectful to check with the newlyweds. Don’t just assume they’ll want photos of their big day splashed across their Facebook newsfeed.

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