Destination Weddings: How to Pick Your Paradise Wedding Dress

Denis & Ina - Dreams La Romana - Photography by: Neri Photo

Denis & Ina – Dreams La Romana – Photography by: Neri Photo

Written by, Samantha Szapor, Apple Vacations DW Specialist

Finding the perfect wedding dress for your special day can be hard enough but factor in the weather and location and the task becomes that much harder.

Destination weddings are often in more casual and relaxed settings. Long or short, sweetheart style or strapless, elegant or simple — all can be appropriate and fitting for a destination wedding. The only thing to keep in mind is that destination weddings are less “traditional”, so your dress can be too!

Here are a few guidelines to consider before saying “yes” to the dress:

Location-  The location of your ceremony is the most important factor to consider when selecting your wedding dress. Whether your ceremony is in a garden area, on the beach or located on a hillside gazebo, your attire should be appropriate for your surroundings.

Is your ceremony going to be on a white-sand beach or wooden pier? Maybe a ball gown complete with a mile long veil isn’t your best option. In these cases, opt for a cocktail dress or a fitted, floor length gown with a short train.

“It’s your wedding and your special day so in the end, there are no rules to what you can and cannot wear.”

Climate- Along with the location, the climate should impact your dress selection. If you are having a tropical outdoor ceremony, a lightweight fabric is more practical than layers of satin. Cotton, linen, sheer and chiffon are optimal fabric choices for humid destinations.

Beach locations also tend to be windy with gusts blowing off the water. So be sure to select a dress (and veil) that won’t require constant adjustments.

Packing and Traveling- Often times brides forget to take into consideration that they’ll be traveling, sometimes a great distance, with their gown. As you may have experienced yourself, it is not uncommon for airlines to lose luggage. Even shipping your dress to the destination ahead of time carries no guarantee. Our tip is to always carry your wedding dress with you in a sturdy garment bag on the airplane. This is the only way to ensure that it will be safe. Be sure to contact the airline advance and ask about carrying your dress. Some aircrafts have closets in first class in which you could make arrangements to store your dress.

DW Tip:  Plan ahead and make arrangements with the resort to have your dress steamed. Many resorts include this in their wedding packages! 

Don’t forget about your shoes! Heels and sand are not the best combinations. Instead, try a cute pair of sandals, flats or even go barefoot! All your guests will be walking around in the sand so no one is going to expect formality when it comes to your shoes. 

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and your special day so in the end there are no rules to what you can and cannot wear.

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