Destination Weddings: Know Your Guest Etiquette

Angela and Robert’s wedding at IberostarRose Hall Beach

Angela and Robert’s wedding at IberostarRose Hall Beach

Written by Ashley Surkin, Apple Vacations Destination Wedding Specialist

There’s a certain etiquette needed when having friends and family join you for an all-inclusive Destination Wedding. Here’s a list of “unwritten rules” needed to smooth over the sometimes rocky process.

Asking Your Guests to Travel

It can be nerve-wracking to ask friends and family to jet off with you even though it is one of the biggest days of your life. Between getting time off from work and the cost of traveling, many may find it difficult, if not impossible to attend your nuptials. When asking, it is important to let them know how just how much their presence would mean to you and your fiancé, while making it clear that you understand if they simply cannot attend.  That being said, it is recommended that you give guests as much notice as possible to figure out their plan of action.

Importance of (Not) Being Social

While your wedding is the “main attraction” during this trip, be aware that many of your guests may be treating your destination wedding as a vacation. Decide to spend the time leading up to your big day socializing with friends and family, after all they have traveled (sometimes a long distance) to celebrate with you. However after the wedding it is completely your decision to make. Don’t feel obligated to entertain your guests for the remainder of their stay. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some post-nuptial seclusion!

Having a second reception

Sometimes couples decide to host a second reception at home for those who couldn’t make the trip. It is often encouraged to throw a little party once you return so that guests have another, less expensive option to join in the celebration. While it is perfectly acceptable to hold a belated bash, please note that wedding gifts should not be expected. These festivities can be as formal as traditional wedding receptions or as informal as a BBQ picnic. There’s no right or wrong as it truly depends on your taste and budget.

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