Exclusive Los Cabos Shines in Pacific Coast of Mexico

Often overlooked as a prime vacation spot, the Pacific Coast of Mexico, framed by picturesque mountains and mixed with charming fishing villages, is lined with the most beautiful and scenic resort destinations.

One of the best is Los Cabos.

What makes Los Cabos such an amazing vacation destination is its unique character. The combination of mountains, desert, blue waters and rugged cliffs give this location a feel like few others.

It’s also known by its cleanliness and crisp warm weather. Humidity rarely has a home in Los Cabos and the blue water, along with beautiful beach feel as clean as the air.

Located on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos features multiple championship-caliber golf courses, 67 wineries and spectacular whale-watching tours. You can go on a camel tour or spend you time at resort, letting your stress wash away.

Because of its high-end amenities, which include the golf and wine, Los Cabos is also where Hollywood star George Clooney recently wooed new fiance Amal Alamuddin and where Eddie Cibrian surprised new wife LeAnn Rimes with a private yacht as a wedding gift. Adam Sandler and Michael Jordan are both regulars of Los Cabos and the hot Hollywood vacation spot is where Jennifer Lopez spends her spa-filled downtime.

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