Beaches, Sunsets, Waterfalls, Music, Relaxation – Jamaica!

Couples Negril, Jamaica

Couples Negril, Jamaica

Come to Jamaica ….and feel alright.

We’ve all heard the song, right?  And if you are looking to relax and unwind, then Jamaica may just be the perfect spot for your next Apple Vacation.

Here’s four reasons that set Jamaica apart:

Beaches – Negril, Jamaica is one of my favorite places in the word and seven–mile beach is one of the most amazing beaches I have ever stepped foot on (and I am not alone, it has won world wide – acclaim). It is truly one of the best beaches in the world. Crystal clear swim-able waters next to powder white sand beaches – it’s beautiful.

Sunsets – Negril is at the western tip of Jamaica and is known for amazing sunsets. Everyone who goes to Jamaica posts a sunset picture! Just grab a spot on the beach and enjoy the view. Since the Negril sunsets are so famous – there are also many other unique ways to take one in. If you want romance, there are several sailing and catamaran excursions where you can experience a magnificent sunset from right on the water. Or, one of the most popular and fun recommendations is to head out early for a cold drink or meal, watch the local cliff jumpers at Rick’s Café and stay for the stunning sunset. A visit to Rick’s Café to see the sunset is a must do in Negril.

Grand Lido Negril Beach Resort

Grand Lido Negril Beach Resort

Waterfalls – Dunn’s River Falls near Ocho Rios is the most famous waterfall in Jamaica. It is also one of Jamaica’s most famous tourist sites overall. Visitors climb the falls on foot starting at the beach and move all the way to the top of the mountain, linked arm in arm with the person in front of and behind them. When you are done, there is plenty of merchandise proclaiming “I’ve climbed the falls.” It may be “touristy” but it is a lot of fun! Dunn’s River Falls is an experience not to be missed. And P.S. – If I can climb them you can climb them! No climbing experience necessary. Also consider The Y.S. Falls, located on the south coast of Jamaica. I LOVED this excursion. After a tractor ride, you climb to the top of the falls with your group (escorted by a guide), swim in the natural pools and even go ziplining in the nearby park if you feel adventurous enough (I was not). I have never been to the rainforest but this is the closest feeling I have ever had. I have since recommended the Y.S. Falls to EVERY person I know going to Jamaica.

Music – Bob Marley – Need I say more? The relaxing vibe is piped though every bar, lounge, restaurant, hotel … and sets a calming relaxing vibe.

Jamaica is truly a place to unwind and relax. Click here to pick which resort in Jamaica you will stay at. And Jamaica is easy to get to! Apple Vacations has Exclusive Vacation flights to Jamaica, here. Nationwide service is available as well.

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