Destination Weddings: How to Dress Your Groom

Written by Megan Anderson , AVDW Specialist

Dressing your groom can be pretty cut and dry for a traditional wedding. Tuxedos and suits are the usual attire choices. But with a destination wedding there are unlimited options that can put a fun twist on your special day.

Laid-back formal feel:
Try dress slacks and a vest/button-down shirt combo. Add a bow tie for a pop of color. This outfit gives the image of a formal wedding with a causal spin. If donning a vest isn’t his style, go with a suit but ditch the tie. Slip on boat shoes or loafers to pull this outfit together perfectly.

AVDW Tip For The Bride: Pairs well with a Grecian-style gown.

Toes in the sand:
If you’re having a sandy ceremony,  the chances are you won’t be heading down the aisle in a ball gown and stilettos, so make sure your groom’s attire catches the same casual waves. To beat the heat and the sand try having your groom sport light-colored khakis and a short sleeve button down shirt that breathes. Add a pair of nice leather sandals to keep him comfortable.

AVDW Tip For The Bride: Pairs well with a knee-length strapless gown

Dressed to the Nines:
Just because you’re having a destination wedding doesn’t mean you can’t wear the princess gown and cathedral length veil you’ve always dream of. If that’s your vision, consider a more formal statement for your groom as well. Keep in mind that formal doesn’t always mean penguin suit but if it does, there are ways to break away from the traditional black and whites. Nix the jacket but keep the suspenders or hit the dance floor with a pair of brightly colored Chuck Taylors. Any little tweak in detail will allow your groom’s personality to shine through.

AVDW Tip For The Bride: Pairs well with a ball gown or a mermaid-style gown

Just like picking your dress, choosing the groom’s attire should be fun! Get creative and aim to show him off because after all, it’s his day too!

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