Top 5 Reasons to Visit All-Inclusive Puerto Vallarta

Written by Elizabeth Bondelid, AV E-Commerce Merchandising Coordinator

Swaying palm trees, golden sand beaches, miles of mountains, and deep blue Pacific waters only begin to describe the wonder that is Puerto Vallarta. Situated on the west coast of Mexico within the state of Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta contains everything we love about Mexico – the food, the culture, the beauty, and so on. And from the months of November to May, it’s always sunny in Puerto Vallarta. In my opinion, the biggest challenge of a Vallarta vacation is finding enough time to do everything!

A few reasons you will absolutely, uncontrollably, undyingly fall in love with Puerto Vallarta:

1. Fabulous views. Everywhere you turn, you’re in the midst of jaw-dropping scenery. Look one way, and the Sierra Madre mountains are the backdrop to sparkling Pacific waters and golden beaches of Banderas Bay. Look behind you, and cobblestone streets lined with authentic Mexican shops, restaurants, and vibrant culture stretch up along steep green hillsides.

2. Authentic cultural experience. Puerto Vallarta is a safe and fun location for experiencing true Mexican culture. Take a cab (or even walk) into the downtown and enjoy the shopping, the nightlife, and the sights. Visit the landmark Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the heart of town, or take a stroll (with a few stops along the way) of the Malecon, which brings me to number three…

3. The Malecon. Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon is a newly upgraded boardwalk along the seafront. Dotted by shops, restaurants, bars, and street entertainment, the Malecon provides a scenic and lively glimpse into local culture. Purchase local crafts and trinkets, or enjoy a margarita from a seaside restaurant while listening to the voices of local musicians float atop rolling ocean waves.

4. The Hotel Zone. Luxury is never far away, with fabulous hotels lining the beaches of Banderas Bay. Visit Now Amber and Secrets Vallarta, located side by side, for the ultimate in luxury, relaxation, and entertainment. Adults enjoy access to restaurants, pools, and bars at both properties, while Now Amber welcomes the little ones and offers plenty of kids’ and teens’ entertainment. Excitement abounds at Now Amber, while Secrets Vallarta offers a calm, romantic atmosphere.

5. The Marina. Puerto Vallarta’s Marina is not only home to some of our favorite hotels. It also offers a championship golf course, abundant watersports, and a variety of restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Admire the yachts, sailing vessels, and charter boats docked in the marina, and book a cruise along the Banderas Bay! My personal favorite is the snorkeling excursion. Book a tour with the Apple Rep in your resort to take a cruise south from the Marina to Los Arcos in the Mismaloya area, where snorkelers can admire the incredible array of colorful fish, not to mention spectacular views along the cruise.

(Bonus!) Riviera Nayarit. Okay, so I couldn’t stop myself at 5 things. But in my defense, Riviera Nayarit is not part of Puerto Vallarta – and I could probably start another whole list for Riviera Nayarit. With some of the finest luxury hotels that will leave you feeling like jelly (ahem – Marival Residences… Grand Velas… Iberostar…) and magnificent views of azure waters and white sand beaches, Riviera Nayarit is an exclusive paradise for anyone looking to truly get away from it all.

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