Take Advantage of Local Food at Your Destination Wedding

Los Cabos - Pixan Photography

Los Cabos – Pixan Photography

Written by Ashley Surkin, AVDW Specialist 

Food is a big part of anyone’s special day and that doesn’t change on a Destination Wedding. Bring a touch of culture to your destination wedding menu with some of these local flavors.

Bahamas – While they may not be the most visually appealing, the Bahamas are known for their conch fritters (cooked meat from a conch). Try adding them to a salad, either mixed greens or fruit, to make this shellfish dish more appropriate for your formal affair. Popular main entrees include a variety of seafood (fishes, lobster, Grouper) with chili, lime and cilantro seasonings and a mix of tropical fruits. Coconut and rum flavors are also island favorites and would work tastefully together as a dessert option.

Jamaica – Give your guests a taste of Jamaica with some mini beef and chicken cocktail patties spicy with jerk flavorings or fried plantains for some authentic flair on your menu. Guests will appreciate the chance to familiarize their palettes with different levels of spiciness so be sure to have plenty of options. If your group is feeling daring, add a hint of Scotch Bonnet pepper to the entrees! Spicy signature drinks or subtle tastes of rum are great ways to incorporate a local import. Rum cake anyone?

Hawaii – When in Hawaii, a traditional luau is definitely the way to go! Kick off the island festivities with hors d’oeuvres like coconut battered shrimp or Ahi  Poki. Poi (a Hawaiian dish where taro root is made into a smooth paste) and a pig roast are often staples at luaus but if a spinning hog isn’t on your radar opt for a seafood dish instead. Delightful entrees such as seared toasted macadamia nut Mahi-Mahi with citrus ako-miso sauce or fresh Pacific Blue Marlin are paired perfectly with fruity cocktails.  Don’t forget some chocolate dipped fresh pineapple in addition to your traditional wedding cake!

MexicoTraditionally Mexican foods include chicken and beef with sides of beans, spicy rice and often times come wrapped in a tortilla. To dress this menu up try empanadas with shredded pork, Serrano chilies and cilantro, grilled manchego queso with smoked tomato salsa, or a build your own fajitas and tacos station complete with Spanish rice and jalapeño cornbread.  The reception wouldn’t be complete without refreshing Sangria to sip. This wine, brandy and fruit juice mixture sometimes contains bits of fresh berries or citrus fruit and couples nicely with most Mexican dishes. For an added touch during toasts, pass out margarita or mojito shooters to your guests. ¡salud!

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