Destination Weddings Trend: Trash the Dress

Angela & Peter's wedding at Bavaro Princess, Punta Cana

Angela & Peter’s wedding at Bavaro Princess, Punta Cana

Written By Ashley Surkin, AVDW Specialist

The days of preserving your elegant white gown are history.

In recent years “trashing” your wedding dress has become the new post-nuptials trend with more and more brides deciding to take the plunge (literally). From diving into the ocean to an epic paintball match between you and your honey, the act of “trashing” your dress makes for some pretty incredible photos.

While some call it art, others call it a once in a lifetime opportunity, some even say it’s plain crazy. Last year, Natasha Samuel made headlines when she literally became the “Girl on Fire.” Following her May wedding to husband, Daniel Yakcobi, Natasha allowed her friend to douse her gown in a flammable liquid and strike a match. As the dress went up in flames the photographer captured the moment of insanity and while yes, these photos are amazing, please don’t try this at home!

Here are a few safer options if trashing your dress is on your must-do list!

  • Paintball guns
  • Go for a swim
  • Red wine fights
  • Buckets of mud

Whichever way you chose to “ruin” the dress of your dreams, I suggest booking this photo session AFTER your big day is officially over. No one wants to walk around their reception paint splattered or thank their guests with a damp hug. It’s most likely you’ve spent a lot of money to look this glamorous, so live it up and take on “trashing” challenge another day!

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