Feel NO #MommyGuilt on an Apple Vacation!

#Mommyguilt  –  All the mommies have it, right? Well, I am on the first leg of my son’s summer break. As I was heading off to work and he was heading off to the library with Grandmom, it snuck up on me: I should be taking him to the park, pool or to a movie.

Then I remember – it’s OK!  I prepared, I planned! I have plenty of activities and trips planned for the summer, including some valuable #Familytime.

These mornings when I feel a little bad, I dream of our upcoming vacation to Now Jade, Riviera Cancun.

My son LOVES this resort.

The pool, the beach, the shows, the fruity-kiddie cocktails – he loves it ALL. Plus, Now Jade has one of his favorite kids clubs, The Explorer’s Club. It offers “tons of fun” and fully supervised activities. Not only does it give him a break from the sun when needed, it also gives mom and dad time to have fun or relax as well.

There are many mornings where I feel like the mommy in this video. But it’s OK, I relax, I breath and I dream of Now Resorts & Spas. #Familytime is the best time! I can’t wait to for my Family Vacation to Now Jade this summer!

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