Apple Vacations & AMResorts Appear on The Meredith Vieira Show!


Did you see Apple Vacations and AMResorts on The Meredith Vieira Show yesterday? Apple Vacations and AMResorts were happy to participate in Premiere Week!

Recent numbers have proven that 40% of Americans don’t plan to use all of their paid time off or vacation time. We want to change that! We surprised each studio audience member with a 3-Night resort stay to an AMResort!

That’s right, each audience member won a 3-Night stay to one of the following AMResorts:

•           The luxurious and boutique Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts featuring Endless Privileges®

•           Adults-only, Unlimited-Luxury® Secrets Resorts & Spas

•           All-new, adults-only Unlimited-Luxury® Breathless Resorts & Spas

•           Family-friendly Dreams Resorts & Spas featuring Unlimited-Luxury®

•           Vibrant Now Resorts & Spas featuring all the privileges of Unlimited-Luxury®

•           Fun-filled and vibrant Sunscape Resorts & Spas featuring an Unlimited-Fun® experience

AMResorts at Meredith Vieira

Apple Vacations & AMResorts at The Meredith Vieira Show

AMResorts has 35 properties throughout Mexico, Jamaica, Curaçao, St. Thomas, the

Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, where everything is included! Each AMResorts brand provided the 3-Night stays so that everyone in the audience would win!

For those not there in person, Meredith is doing an online sweepstakes as well for one lucky at-home viewer! Check The Meredith Vieira Show for more details.

Apple Vacations & AMResorts both wish Meredith much success with her new show!

10 thoughts on “Apple Vacations & AMResorts Appear on The Meredith Vieira Show!

  1. My wife and I were two of the lucky attendees of the Meredith Viera Show where we received the free vacation trips given to the audience.
    We gave initial information including Social Security numbers to the show staff. We have not received any followup information.
    Please email the steps we need to complete the process. Thanks, James and Kathy McCay

  2. Hi James. We recieved the names from the show and are in the process of mailing out all of the certificates. You will recieve it in the next 10 days. Thanks!

  3. I was at the taping also and my husband and I both won the trips. We are so excited we will be married 25 years and are using this to celebrate!!!!

  4. I was at the first show and to date have not recieved any communication that was promised in 10 days. Already not a good sign for your company. All four friends that attended are not happy with your delay.

  5. Carol, I was at the taping also and called AM Resorts Monday in fact. I was told they are running behind by two weeks. I just wish the Meredith Show would keep us posted on their facebook page. Lias

  6. Hi, Just wondering if you set a date when the certificates will be mailed out? Thanks you so much. I have been doing alot of research on your resorts. It’s hard to pick just one.

  7. I just got off the phone with the AMRESORTS person in Los Cabos where our certificate says we must go if we are to get the free vacation from our Meredith Viera viewing. I was informed the resort would not be opening until October 1, 2015. However my certificate expires September 30, 2015. The rep did say they might extend the expiration date if I mail them a copy of the certificate, but she did not seem too sure of that.
    What gives? Did AMRESORTS play the Meredith Viera show for free publicity? The original information my wife and I received at the MV show mentioned other properties, but when the certificate came it was ONLY for a property (Los Cabos) blasted by a hurricane in 2014 and has not opened since. Am I missing something, or was this offer never legit to begin with?

  8. Hi James. I just replied to your email. It is of course a legit promotion. A hurricane did hit Cabo last fall. So if you were awarded that destination, we will work with you. Please reply to my email so we can get you booked. Thanks! Eileen.

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