Role of Groom in the Destination Wedding Planning Process

Zi Hui and Luke, Dreams La Romana

Zi Hui and Luke, Dreams La Romana

Written by Ashley Surkin, AVDW Wedding Guest Coordinator

Congratulations! You’re getting married! Whether it’s the first time or the 10th, planning a destination wedding is always an experience in and of itself.

The majority of brides take on coordinating every last detail of their big day as if it was another job. But where does that leave the groom? Brides, before you get to your boiling point read on and realize it’s okay to divide and conquer when it comes to destination wedding planning. The majority of brides take on the tasks as if it was another job.

Here are a few roles that your fiancé might enjoy tackling…

  1. Bartender – Bottoms up! Let the groom choose the beverages, from his favorite brew to the event’s signature drink.
  1. Groomsmen Stylist – Since he’ll be wearing the suit, it’s only fair that it’s of his choosing. Together, you should set a color/pattern scheme for him and the groomsmen, but allow his wedding day clothing to reflect his personality. He doesn’t pick your dress so you don’t pick his suit, tux or button down shirt, whatever he plans to wear that day. Of course if he asks for your opinion, be honest, but remember you’re not marrying this man for his fashion sense.
  1. Entertainment Coordinator – Band? DJ? iPod playlist? Whichever musical outlet you choose, put your husband-to-be in charge. If you both agree that fire breathers or Latin dancers would make your reception unforgettable, ask him to arrange the entertainment with your on-site wedding coordinator.

Whatever you put on your groom’s “to-do” list, try to remember that it’s his day too! It’s important to include him in all decisions, from flowers to DJs, who knows. He might surprise you!

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