Destination Wedding Superstitions to Love

Written by Ashley Surkin, AVDW Specialist

So long summer! Fall is the perfect time of year to say “I Do”!

Whether you plan for the sunny shores of Cancun or the tropics of Costa Rica; between back-to-school, Halloween and giving thanks, it’s a great opportunity to have all eyes on you and all hands on deck as this season is generally off peak for most resorts.

But before you plan your fabulous Fall nuptials in paradise, be mindful of some cultural superstitions.

  • Dominican locals believe that you should never get married on a Friday or a Tuesday in November. The reasoning behind this superstition is unclear; however it’s believed to bring bad luck.
  • Jamaicans, on the other hand, consider Wednesday and Sunday to be the luckiest days to marry!
  • Despite the fact that most brides decide to wear a white gown, in Mexico, brides tend to include three specific colors in their wedding attire. Yellow, which represents the blessing of food, red which summons a passionate union and blue which brings good financial luck to the marriage.
  • Caribbean natives believe that even if a single woman catches the bouquet at a wedding, if she has ever opened an umbrella inside or swept a broom over her feet while cleaning, she will never marry.

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