Los Cabos Ready to Welcome Back Visitors


With 125-MPH winds and torrential downpours, category 4 Hurricane Odile hit Los Cabos and other towns on the Baja California peninsula with force.

But as stunning as the storm was on Sept. 14, the recovery has been even more remarkable.

“We are extremely grateful for the overwhelming support the destination has received from the local community, the Federal and state government, our airline partners, wholesalers, incentive houses and of course, our visitors,” Renato Mendonça, President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association said in an official release. “Los Cabos is full of surprises for everyone, nothing can stop us.”

According to the Los Cabos Hotel Association, 15 hotels will be ready when commercial flights begin arriving to the destination on Oct. 8. That number is expected to increase throughout the month.

The Hotel Association also made note that public services are being restored throughout the destination and there has been no reports of structural damage.

“The news that has encouraged us the most is that the investments are not going to stop in Los Cabos,” said Mendonça. “Rather, hoteliers and owners who may have considered hotel renovations in 2015 are taking this as an opportunity to handle any remodeling now. This will not only allow Los Cabos time to recover but several of our hotels will now be “upgraded” in terms of facilities, landscaping and services.”

On Oct. 8, the Hotel Association says golf courses, restaurants and other local attractions will be ready for visitors. Events include the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, Bisbee’s Tournament, Sabor a Cabo, Los Cabos VIP Summit and the Los Cabos International Film Festival — all expected to go off without a hitch.

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  1. We look forward to our vacation later this month. This will be the first time in Cabo for our group.

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