Reflections of a Magical Journey to Cartagena, Colombia

Hilton Cartagena, Colombia

Hilton Cartagena, Colombia

This is the time of year that many of us reflect back over the past 12 months to recall very special moments and experiences.

For me, one of those experiences was a business trip to Colombia, South America.

As I was traveling alone I was a little nervous, mainly because I didn’t know much about the destination. Oh sure, I’d heard the negative tales and recalled some negative press, but there was little I could do to not go.

My itinerary had me visiting Bogota, Santa Marta, Baranquilla, Medellin, The Rosario Islands and Cartagena. While each and every corner of the country was different from the last, it was Cartagena that fulfilled my love of travel & exploration.

Look one way and you see a hip, urban, modern city reminiscent of Miami Beach or Panama City, Panama. Take a look in another direction and you see a long stretch of beach and the ocean. Another glance has you looking at an ancient walled city.

The destination just begs you to explore it. Shopaholics and foodies will love the modern city with its designer boutiques and trendy restaurants. The Old City is filled with museums, cobble stone streets, cathedrals, culture and history. Boca Grande is the miles long stretch of beach that most of the high-rise hotels overlook but don’t mistake Cartagena for a beach destination.

With so many other things to enjoy & explore it’s safer to consider it a destination with a beach. And speaking of safety, it’s a perfectly safe destination. Not once did I feel unsafe and the nervousness I previously mentioned was quickly alleviated. The warm and friendly people had a lot to do with that. In a nutshell, Cartagena and Colombia as a whole, is a place where history, culture, sea, sun, coffee and nature mix to create unique experiences.

It’s a place where reality is magical, or as my Colombian friends say “Realismo Magico”.

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  1. Buenos días, lo que es de valor para los diarios dos personas en julio de 2016. Gracias

  2. I love to use the unexpected in ctearin rooms…plates are one of the things that most would say no to, but, I, like you, love the way they look. I have used them in my bedroom as well. Your’s look simply AMAZING and done so beautifully in the “Cindy” style I have come to love and admire~~xxxooo Ruth

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