Make It ‘The Shore Without The Chores’ This Summer

Now Jade Riviera Cancun

Time with our families is precious. As a mom, it goes by too quickly.

For me, I blinked and my son turned “double digits,” as he says. I am thankful for the many family Apple Vacations we have been able to experience. And the best ones are vacations for me, too!

I admit that I love my local beach communities, but when we take our family vacations to Mexico & The Caribbean – nothing compares. Other than packing (which we are all now professionals at – and can be ready at a minutes notice) and getting to the airport – it is all taken care of. Round trip airfare, transfers to and from the resort airport, all meals, all drinks, all tips – it is all included.

Spectacular meals are being cooked for me, a pool towel and beach chair are waiting for me, my bed is being made, the bathroom is being cleaned, room service can be delivered.

A week, or even a long weekend, of no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry – just fun, can be all yours this summer. Not only are you getting quality family time, which is priceless, but you will be surprised that a week in Mexico & the Caribbean actually costs less than a week at the shore.

Check out our comparison and Shore Without The Chores TV ad HERE.

And if you book by April 30, many resorts have kids ‘Stay, Play and Eat Free’ – even the top resort chains such as Dreams Resorts & Spas, Now Resorts & Spas, Palladium Hotels & Resorts and Iberostar Hotels & Resorts.

This summer, make it a vacation for the whole family and make sure you tag @AppleVacations on Instagram with your summer family Apple Vacations’ pictures or tweet us @AppleVacations! We want to see you enjoying your Family Vacation!

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