Apple Vacations LOVES Travel Agents!

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May 4 kicks off Apple Vacations’ 11th Annual Travel Agent Appreciation Month.

How much does Apple Vacations love Travel Agents? Count the ways! And in honor of our 11th  Annual Travel Agent Appreciation Month, we are rewarding our Travel Agent friends! If you are an agent, make sure you check out the details on Apple Vacations Agent Café or ask your Regional Sales Manager.

If you are not an agent, Apple Vacations recommends when booking a vacation you “Ask an Agent” – for their expertise, connections, first-hand experience, knowledge and know-how!

Travel Agents offer invaluable assistance in booking your vacation. Agents are there to help you find the best price, handle any unexpected trip interruptions, and most importantly – they can make sure you are not only going on an Apple Vacation but the Apple Vacation that’s right for you!

Tell us – who is your favorite Travel Agent?

And if you don’t have one, find one near you!

10 thoughts on “Apple Vacations LOVES Travel Agents!

  1. Jill at Dr. Trips Travel is the best! She is very helpful and wonderful!

  2. Sally Manning at Dr. Trips always finds our family great vacation destinations! We have never been disappointed!

  3. Mark Cade at Dr Trips Travel in Alliance Ohio is the ultimate travel guide. Would never book with anyone else. He knows his apple vacations inside & out.

  4. Mark Cade from Dr. Trips in Alliance, OH! He takes time to understand your needs and then finds the perfect Apple Vacation Resort. His service is always top-notch!

  5. Jill & Dana at Dr. Tripps are the “Best!” We tell anyone we know planning a trip to go see these two ladies!

  6. Hi: I just made a humongous sale with you guys 32 people in a group that travelled 4/7-4/11 to Cabo. It was particularly difficult. I would like to be considered, but I don’t want to push my clients, many of whom are new to us. They reported back to me they had a wonderful, wonderful time and many wrote me personally to thank me for the assist……Apple did a great job with helping me with the new 4.0 and the horrible group ease thingy when the group surpassed the number for group ease……Thank you to Jan Lis, Diana Amaya, staff in Chicago and staff in Philly all who answered thousands of questions from me. Greatly appreciated the big time assist in the biggest sale I’ve ever made with Apple and in years, which total 25 as an agent at our family run agency in operation for 37 years and counting come June! I know I was a pain in the butt because it’s hard for an old dog like me to learn new tricks and I grew impatient and lost it a couple of times, but you did a good job in settling me down. Thank you, Marilyn Sarl, Travel Agent Tripmaster Travel & Tours,Melrose Park,Il 14899371 708-344-7381

  7. Happy Belated Women’s Day! I jumped over here from CJ Sullivan’s blog. 🙂 I’m not a fan of styeeotrpical women either. Too much back biting, too much drama, just too much. I do have women friends, but they’re not styeeotrpical. I am getting old enough to refuse to take crap I don’t have to. And maybe I’m jealous of their boobs, too. Who knows…

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