The Most Important Travel Tip: Check your Passport!  

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I’ll just go ahead and say it (without mentioning names).

We all make assumptions when it comes to our Passport. We are all soooo sure it is valid and we are ready to travel. We are so sure it has our middle name on it and not our middle initial.

We are so sure we checked it twice. You get the idea?

The busy summer travel seasons is upon us, but please stop and take a look at your Passport if you plan to travel by the end of the year.

There is one thing that can ruin your Family Vacation, Honeymoon, Romantic Getaway or Singles Vacation before it even starts — not being able to travel. Or even worse, flying to a foreign country and not being admitted because of Passport issues and being sent right home. That’s right, you can get deported.

You can’t travel without a valid Passport. It’s one of the most important tips I want to stress.

Ask yourself:

1 – Is my Passport valid?

2 – Is my Passport valid for 6 months from the date of return?

3 – Does my Passport match my travel documents / plane ticket exactly?

4 – Is my Passport in perfect condition with no tears, rips or creases?

5 – Is my child’s Passport valid?  Remember: Passports for children under 18 are not valid for as long as an adult. So even though you may have gotten them at the same time, the child’s Passport will expire before yours.

If you answer is no to any of the above questions, I’d recommend making an appointment at your nearest Passport office. And do it ASAP.

And remember, when on your vacation keep it safe! Don’t keep your Passport in your back pocket and get excited and jump in the pool. Don’t let your child get ahold of it. There was a recent story in the news where a man was stuck in South Korea because his son scribbled all over the father’s Passport while on vacation.

Don’t be that guy.

For more questions on Passports click here:

Happy Travels!

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