Your Choice, Your Seat!

Apple Vacations introduces Seat Selection!


You’ve asked and we’ve listened!  Purchase a value vacation package with Apple Vacations and you will now have the option to select your seat!  Apple Vacations scheduled value flights have historically not offered Seat Selection and you were advised of your seat assignment at the airport when you checked in for your flight, but times have changed.  Now it’s your choice!  Purchase a seat prior to departure to choose where you will sit, or simply arrive to the airport and a seat will be assigned upon check-in.  It’s up to you!

We have created a user friendly Seat Selection application that allows you to select a seat when making a reservation through or AOL 4.0.  To know if your flight offers Seat Selection, look for the ‘View Seats’ link under the flight choices when searching flight options.


If your flight offers Seat Selection, you will be able to select your seat in the ‘Apple Extras’ step of the booking process.  Within the Your Flight section of the itinerary you have chosen, look for the ‘Select/Change Seats’ link.

Click the ‘Select/Change Seats’ link and a seating chart for each leg of your flight itinerary will appear.


3 Easy Steps !

  1. Select each leg of your flight itinerary by clicking on the tab at the top of the seat chart.
  2. Click on the seat number (s) you would like to purchase.  The price of the seat as well as a description of the seat you chose will display next to each passenger.  (Select the next leg and repeat this step.)
  3. When all seats are selected, click ‘Done’ at the bottom of the screen!





If you change your mind on the seats you chose, you have the option on the ‘Billing’ screen to make a change before you apply payment.  It’s really just that easy!

A couple of quick tips:

  • If you are traveling on AirTran Airways, some AirTran flights offer First Class and Coach seating.  If you want First Class, be sure to choose the First Class (F) fare when selecting your flight.  Selecting F fare class will display the First Class seating chart during Seat Selection.  Otherwise, all other fare classes will display the Coach seat chart for Seat Selection.
  • AirTran’s First Class section offers a large leather seat with a 37” seat pitch. First Class also includes all of the Preferred Perks Plus amenities including: priority check in & boarding, priority luggage (bags off the first), a snack box and two standard beverages per person.  All of this is included in the price!

COMING IN FEBRUARY 2013! If you are traveling on Frontier Airlines, Frontier offers Stretch and Coach seating. You can choose any fare class and the seating chart will offer both Coach and the upgrade Preferred Perks Plus stretch seats.  Preferred Perks Plus seats are located in rows 1-4 of the aircraft.

  • Frontier’s Stretch seating offers a roomy 36’ seat pitch plus all of the Preferred Perks Plus amenities!  Whether you choose Preferred Perks Plus seating or any other seat on the aircraft, enjoy complimentary Direct TV access with over 30 channels!
  • If you choose a seat in the Exit Row of the aircraft, you must agree that you meet the physical needs and age requirements to sit in those seats.  If you are unable to perform the duties of sitting in the Exit Row, you will be moved to another seat.
  • If you did not select a seat during the reservation process and decide later that you want to purchase seats, no problem!  Just give us a call at 1-800-517-2000 and we will be happy to assist you!  But don’t delay the Seat Selection option will close 5 days prior to departure!

Reminder:  Seat Selection is not available on all flights.  Only flights displaying the View Seats link when selecting flights will offer Seat Selection.

DOT & What You Need to Know

Rules for advertising vacation packages are changing effective January 26, 2012.  Beginning on this date, the Department of Transportation has required that all sellers of U.S. air transportation advertise the “entire price to be paid by the customer for that transportation, air tour or an air tour component”.

What does this mean to you?  Effective January 26, 2012 all Apple Vacations’ advertised pricing will change.  The price you see in our advertisements will be the complete cost of the vacation including all taxes and fees associated to the airfare.  You will still have the opportunity to add “Apple Extras” to your vacation that can increase your overall vacation price, however, that choice is strictly up to you!  Apple Vacations offers a wide variety of “extras” to enhance your vacation experience including: AV-O.K. Total Vacation Security Plan, Preferred Perks Plus (where available) and numerous resort and destination specific excursions.

A special note to Travel Agents
Any advertising you, as a Travel Agent, place in the market using prices from our website, quoted from our reservation system or taken from our advertisements (emails, website, newspaper ads, faxes, radio ads, etc.) are bound by the same DOT regulations and penalties including any additional services fee you add.

Below are the Final Rules as stated by the DOT. Continue reading

Preferred Perks Plus is a Must!

Today Apple Vacations launched a new program called Preferred Perks PLUS!  You get all of the same great features of our Preferred Perks program including priority check in, priority boarding, priority baggage handling and preferred seating in the front of the aircraft – PLUS – one complimentary meal and two complimentary alcoholic beverages (if you are 21 or older…) on each flight!

To take advantage of Preferred Perks Plus on USA3000 or Frontier Airlines simply add the supplement to your booking.  If you are traveling on AirTran, book First Class and Preferred Perks Plus is included in the price!

Just one more reason why Apple Vacations is America’s Favorite Vacation Company!

Read reviews from recent travelers…

Bob Braderman told us “I thought Preferred Perks Plus was absolutely terrific! Leg room on the airplane is almost unheard of these days, and I had plenty! I enjoyed the flight thoroughly because I could sit back, enjoy a couple drinks, have a snack box of goodies and watch TV. Thumbs Up for Apple Vacations!”

Susan Gains put in her two cents, “The Preferred Perks Plus option is a great value and service provided in the days of airlines cutting back. I was very impressed and would highly recommend these additional amenities. It’s the right way to start a fantastic vacation!”

Preferred Perks Plus is available on select Vacation Flights.

Inaugural Frontier Flight

Apple Vacations and Frontier Airlines inaugural flight from Philadelphia to Punta Cana was on October 17, 2011. We all know that Apple Vacations is no stranger to Punta Cana, sending well over 1 million vacationers to this beautiful island destination. However this was Frontier Airlines first landing in Punta Cana! Apple Vacationers via Frontier Airlines were greeted with the celebratory coveted water arc to celebrate the arrival. 

Apple Vacations is very excited to offer vacationers packages via Frontier Airlines on their new, state-of-the-art Airbus A320 fleet! For a list of available amenities on board Frontier Airlines and to see where Apple Vacations flies to Punta Cana via Frontier Airlines click here.

Another cool fun fact about Frontier is their “spokes-animals”. Each airplane carries a unique spokes-animal from their “stable.” They currently have more than 60 animals that are on their airplanes! I think they’ve got the best spokesanimals in the business. Probably because they love what they do and have fun doing it – just like me.