Welcome to June! The month of Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!

Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay

Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay

Winter is officially over.

The weather is nice (but not too hot) and it is one of the most popular times of year for weddings and honeymoons. With so many choices of both destinations and resorts in the “Adults Only” category, I wanted to share two of my absolute favorites for destination weddings and honeymoons.

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Unlimited Luxury for All

As told by Jeff Farinosi, Senior Graphic Designer

I have a SECRET to tell you NOW (whispering): you can call me AMResorts’ #1 groupie. The past 5 trips I’ve taken were all at Secrets and NOW Resorts if that tells you something! During my travels I’ve been in relationships and have also been FREE (happily divorced) in others! Besides my relationship status changing, my love for AMResorts has not.secretsbanner

Most people would throw a label on Secrets Resorts as being mostly catered for couples and romance. That is far from the truth. They are wide open and friendly to any type of human being or group of people. Whether a Dolce & Gabbana cologne-doused metrosexual or a gun-rack-in-the-back-of-your-pick-up-truck redneck, you’ll see all sorts or personalities sharing and enjoying the public areas together, whether it’s the lobby or the swim-up bar. I ought to know since I accompanied the metrosexual, the redneck and his wife on a few of my trips! At the end of the trip, all of them wanted more with no complaints.

So when selling the Secrets brand, I say go for it and describe that the resorts cater to all and not just the ones deeply in love. There are plenty of opportunities to get romantic and the resorts are overall quiet when compared to the kid-friendly resorts. But there’s never a feeling of being a “third wheel” when staying at a Secrets Resort & Spa.


94.1 WYSP’s Danny Bonaduce takes on Jamaica!

One of the exciting parts of my job is when local personalities, DJ’s and sports stars call and say. ‘I want to go on an Apple Vacation.’ Recently, our friend Danny Bonaduce from 94.1 WYSP called and said just that. We sent him on an Apple Vacation to review one of our favorite hotels, Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay in Jamaica! We knew that Secrets Wild Orchid would have all of the things Danny looks for in a vacation – amazing resort, great food and lots to do.

Danny was gracious enough to hang out with many of his fans in resort. As you can see here, he is always willing to snap a photo and mingle with the other resort guests. Danny has even kept in touch with some of them for 10 years!

Here’s what Danny and his wife, Amy, had to say about their recent Apple Vacation to Jamaica.

I make important decisions all day long when I’m at work. So when I want go on vacation, I only need to make one decision and that is “call Apple Vacations.” Apple Vacations offers beautiful places, romantic nights, wonderful restaurants, and sometimes lifelong friends. Ten years ago on an Apple Vacation, I met a very nice couple celebrating their honeymoon. They just invited me to their tenth anniversary. That’s pretty amazing!

When I start to think about taking a vacation I ask myself, ‘Where do I want to go? What do I want to eat? What do I want to do at night?

A few simple answers point me in the right direction. I’ve determined that I want to go somewhere warm, I want French food for dinner, and I’d like to go to a nightclub. I bet you could spend a week trying to work out that perfect night, or instead you can just call Apple Vacations and pick any one of the Secrets Resorts & Spas they offer. Apple Vacations should change their slogan to “No Problem.”

I have encountered so many exciting things on an Apple Vacation. For instance, the first time I went scuba diving was on an Apple Vacation or the first time I saw an active volcano was on an Apple Vacation. I have no idea what I will see next, but I know I will see it with Apple Vacations!

Why Secrets Resorts & Spas Jamaica?

stjamesThe decor, the location, the luxury, the staff, the service… Secrets Resorts & Spas has it all, and now they have it in Montego Bay, Jamaica!  Now that the resorts have been opened for a few months I sat down with their Director of Sales to find out what he thought the key reasons why these hotels are the #1 choice in Montego Bay. This is what he had to say…..

Secrets Resorts & Spas have 2 separate adults only resorts in Jamaica. They each have their own distinct personality. Secrets St. James exudes true Jamaican enchantment. The décor reflects the island’s British Colonial history: rich, dark wood floors and furniture.  Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay has warm neutral tones, and native works of art are in balance with its island surroundings. The décor was inspired by the lush tapestry of flowers, which dot the landscape at the hotel. Continue reading