A great trip to Punta Cana – all within the budget.

naturaJust because you need to stick to a budget, does not mean you have to sacrifice! I colleague of mine wanted to surprise a friend with a long weekend in the Caribbean. She had a specific budget to stick to and wanted to make it work. I searched around and found 3 nights in Punta Cana at Natura Park for less than $1,000.00 for two people (from Philly). When we added the taxes on it came right in at the budget. They just got back and gave me a review.

Punta Cana was a beautiful Island with friendly people. The Apple Vacations folks could not be nicer or more professional. We were very pleased. The hotel was nice. I wasn’t expecting much since the rate was so good, but we were pleasantly surprised. We booked our tours from the Apple desk so I didn’t worry about that. My room was clean and spacious and our A/C and plumbing were working just fine. The beach was fabulous! It’s in a natural setting next to a nature reserve, something the other hotels don’t have since they are all in a row. I would go back!