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As told by Jeff Farinosi, Senior Graphic Designer

I have a SECRET to tell you NOW (whispering): you can call me AMResorts’ #1 groupie. The past 5 trips I’ve taken were all at Secrets and NOW Resorts if that tells you something! During my travels I’ve been in relationships and have also been FREE (happily divorced) in others! Besides my relationship status changing, my love for AMResorts has not.secretsbanner

Most people would throw a label on Secrets Resorts as being mostly catered for couples and romance. That is far from the truth. They are wide open and friendly to any type of human being or group of people. Whether a Dolce & Gabbana cologne-doused metrosexual or a gun-rack-in-the-back-of-your-pick-up-truck redneck, you’ll see all sorts or personalities sharing and enjoying the public areas together, whether it’s the lobby or the swim-up bar. I ought to know since I accompanied the metrosexual, the redneck and his wife on a few of my trips! At the end of the trip, all of them wanted more with no complaints.

So when selling the Secrets brand, I say go for it and describe that the resorts cater to all and not just the ones deeply in love. There are plenty of opportunities to get romantic and the resorts are overall quiet when compared to the kid-friendly resorts. But there’s never a feeling of being a “third wheel” when staying at a Secrets Resort & Spa.


Secrets Royal Beach Resort & Spa – Punta Cana

We have the cure for your Spring Fever! For those of you suffering from unpleasant cold weather, constant wind and snowfall and dreary days, your distress is over. Start thinking of warm weather, pristine beaches, unlimited gourmet cuisine and endless top-shelf spirits.


Read about a recent review of Secrets Royal Beach Resort & Spa, located in Punta Cana. As told by Apple Vacations own Kathleen Kroos, who recently vacationed there.

We left Philadelphia on a cold early January morning.  We left our coats in the car and boarded the airport shuttle for what was to be the most relaxing trip we had ever taken.   Even the plane ride over was restful!  Frontier Airlines seated us with plenty of leg room and the cabin crew was very pleasant.  We loved the quaint thatched roofed on the Punta Cana airport and were amazed by the efficiency of the airport staff.  All accompanied by the music of a local band.  We then met the Amstar rep., in his red and blue flowered shirt, who then showed us to our mini-bus for the ride to the hotel.

We were the second stop for the bus.  It was a pleasant comfortable ride. Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana had a beautiful exterior.  It’s in a park-like setting with a pretty little lake running through it. The hotel porters had already taken our bags and we went into the lovely lobby to register and be taken to our room.  Our room was sumptuous!  The king-sized bed was very comfortable and every evening it was decorated with rose petals.  Our balcony had a lovely view of the courtyard and lazy river below.  The bathroom was very convenient and beautifully decorated.  It had a room for the toilet and a vanity with double sink and a beautiful walk in shower.  My husband is an amputee and they had included a chair for him to sit in while showering.  Every one of our needs were taken care of by the hotel staff!



After looking at the room we put on our bathing suits and strolled around the pool, the lazy river and then down to the beautiful beach for a delicious snack, a stroll along the waterand an opportunity to sit a stare at our beautiful surroundings.  Other than the occasional waiter taking our drink orders we relaxed to the sound of the waves, and the far off sounds of other happy travelers enjoying their day.

The first night we chose the Oceana seafood restaurant for dinner (good food and service) and later went to the entertainment in the courtyard just outside the hotel.  We listened to beautiful music and laughed at comedians.  We were pretty tired after our trip and went to bed early that night.

We had a great breakfast the next morning at the buffet and took our mimosas out to the beach to sit in the lounge chairs and enjoy the view.  After we’d been there about an hour, a man came up and invited us to a dance class.  He was gorgeous!  I took the class right on the beach just to watch this guy!  So did a large number of other women.  The rest of that day and the next are just one relaxing blur of relaxation, great food and friendly people all having a wonderful time!

Located amidst palm trees, lush vegetation and manicured gardens on an expansive sugar-white beach, this colorful Caribbean resort offers adults a seaside escape to romance, relaxation and Unlimited-Luxury®.


Eagles land at Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana


Part of my job at Apple Vacations is working with various media partners including radio stations and sports teams, and maintaining those relationships. I love this part of my job and I get to work with some really great people including Mike Quick & Harold Carmichael.

Philadelphia Eagles pro–bowl wide receivers, Mike Quick (#82) & Harold Carmichael (#17) are two local legends. They are both still very active in the Philadelphia sports community. Harold still with the team and Mike Quick can be heard on CBS radio in Philadelphia on Sportsradio 94 WIP.

Punta Cana is one of their favorite destinations, and Apple Vacations was able to send them there again this winter to Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana.

Harold called me upon his return and said it was the BEST trip he ever went on and the service at Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana was the finest of any hotel he has ever stayed at! He said they spoil their guests so much is almost embarrassing, almost… And the beach was incredible. So much so he hardly left it during his stay. Secrets Royal Beach really won them over.


On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to say thank you for one of the best vacations we have ever had. From the time we landed in Punta Cana, the first class services were awesome. The staff at Secrets Royal Beach made our stay very relaxing. The beach, the pool, dining, were all parts of a memorable experience for all of us. Thanks for arranging a fun vacation. Apple Vacations rocks!


So take it from Mike & Howard if you are looking for an amazing hotel with incredible staff and service, Secrets Royal Beach is the place!

Do people ever really win an Apple Vacation?

Everyone wants to win a prize. But, do people ever really win an Apple Vacation? Yes they do! Here is a review from a happy prize winner from Facebook who just returned from Punta Cana.

We want to thank Apple Vacations so much from for such a wonderful trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

We really were amazed the way we were treated. We won the original 3 day fully inclusive trip but live in the Boston area. When we mentioned we would have to fly from Boston to pick up the departure the day before the trip, you upgraded us to a Boston departure, for a 7 day fully inclusive vacation!   Then when the original resort was overbooked, we got upgraded yet again to one of the best on the Island, Secrets Royal Beach. Our room was a beautiful Junior Suite with Jacuzzi and far exceeded our expectations.  The resort was fantastic, it had great food, a great location, and the staff was so friendly and helpful.

We found that the whole trip to be well run and supported by your Amstar representatives. They had all the relevant information for the resort and good advice for day trips that were available. My wife lost a bag on one of these trips and they both followed up with the outside tour operator, they found the bag and got it back to her intact.

The way we were treated was exceptional, and we would not hesitate to use or recommend Apple Vacations in the future. Our daughter who entered us in the contest said how much she had enjoyed using Apple Vacations for her vacation and how accommodating you were. We can certainly confirm that and want to thank you all again at Apple Vacations especially Susan for a wonderful (free) vacation experience.

T & D
Boston, MA

What’s not to like about luxury hotels?

When my husband and I recently stayed at a Secrets Resort & Spa in Punta Cana, we completely lost ourselves in the elegant setting. The personalized service and the fact they try never to say ‘no’ are the main features in choosing a luxury hotel over a more traditional resort. There really are so many benefits in choosing all-inclusive vacation! You can even save money on a travel experience where you don’t have to worry about a thing because meals, drinks and entertainment are all included.

There are many additional advantages!
Among the features of a luxury hotel are knowledgeable concierges, business centers, quick laundry and ironing services, around-the-clock room service and attractive areas for business meetings or destination weddings and honeymoons. They have superior food, top shelf liquor, 24-hour room service to fit your schedule, fully equipped business centers, better gyms and more comfortable beds and sheets. My husband and I took advantage of the all gourmet restaurants while we were there. One night, during a romantic dinner, we were even serenaded with a singing duo. Then my husband decided to join in, how funny!

They meet and exceed expectations
You know all your expectations will be met because the goal is to wow you, to surprise you, to make your day in some unexpected way. Their job is to anticipate your needs, to engage you in appropriate and relevant conversation, to charm and go beyond what would be a standard transaction. My husband and I were surprised with a complimentary pool-side massage together – what a slice of heaven! Another fun activity was the nightly entertainment! They had musicians, magicians, and dancers – a total variety of fun things to enjoy. Luxury hotels go the extra measure and it makes all the difference.

Boutique hotels, like Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts and Secrets Resorts & Spas, truly represent the highest level of luxury accommodations. They operate with socially responsible practices. There is exceptional service in natural and enriching environment. Overall, luxury hotels offer the utmost attention to detail that will turn your vacation in to the time of your life. I know our luxury romantic getaway was one of the best times we’ve had together! I recommend that everyone try it, go ahead splurge a little!

Judy & Maria’s Travel, Inc. visits Punta Cana

We (Judy & Maria’s Travel, Inc.) have just returned from Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana.  We are happy to report that we had a great, relaxing time. The Management Team is top-notch, professional, and hard-working.  Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana is the perfect vacation selection for ages 18+ who elect to vacation at a simple, beach resort.  The beach is absolutely breathtaking! This is a great chill out resort with a spectacular beach to walk for miles and miles.  The resort is fun and active. Guests at the hotel have complete use of the Unlimited-Luxury® privileges, amenities and services at the adjacent Now Larimar Punta Cana (for all ages).

Dining at Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana is superb with ample options to choose from.  The food is very good, very appetizing with nice choices, and well-prepared by experienced chefs with worldwide culinary backgrounds.  Of note was the Italian Restaurant with the chef originating from Milan, Italy, and the Gourmet Restaurant. Based on our recent visit we recommend: Gourmet Restaurant: asparagus with béarnaise sauce and shaved parmesan cheese, the Beef Bourguignon, and the Crêpe Suzettes.  Italian Restaurant:  the chef’s handmade gnocchi.  The flavors were incredible.  Fine wine, good food, and excellent service, what more can one ask for?

We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation at Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana!  Judy & Maria give this fine resort two thumbs up!