Unlimited Luxury for All

As told by Jeff Farinosi, Senior Graphic Designer

I have a SECRET to tell you NOW (whispering): you can call me AMResorts’ #1 groupie. The past 5 trips I’ve taken were all at Secrets and NOW Resorts if that tells you something! During my travels I’ve been in relationships and have also been FREE (happily divorced) in others! Besides my relationship status changing, my love for AMResorts has not.secretsbanner

Most people would throw a label on Secrets Resorts as being mostly catered for couples and romance. That is far from the truth. They are wide open and friendly to any type of human being or group of people. Whether a Dolce & Gabbana cologne-doused metrosexual or a gun-rack-in-the-back-of-your-pick-up-truck redneck, you’ll see all sorts or personalities sharing and enjoying the public areas together, whether it’s the lobby or the swim-up bar. I ought to know since I accompanied the metrosexual, the redneck and his wife on a few of my trips! At the end of the trip, all of them wanted more with no complaints.

So when selling the Secrets brand, I say go for it and describe that the resorts cater to all and not just the ones deeply in love. There are plenty of opportunities to get romantic and the resorts are overall quiet when compared to the kid-friendly resorts. But there’s never a feeling of being a “third wheel” when staying at a Secrets Resort & Spa.


I Have a Secret – Secrets Capri



I know you are not supposed to have “favorites” when you work with so many hotels in Mexico & The Caribbean, and if you do, you are not supposed to talk about them right? It’s like, when you have children, you never say which one is really your favorite.  But I do have a favorite Secrets Resort – Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun. I love it. I have written about it many times before.  It is currently a part of Apple Vacations SuperSale, so I wanted to feature it here again. If you are considering a vacation at this resort, you are making a great choice.

If you book with Apple Vacations, all of the Secrets Resorts and Spas have non-stop transfers to and from the resort, and you do not need wristbands, dining reservations or towel cards.  The service, staff, dining and amenities are exceptional at all of them as well. They are adults only unlimited luxury ™. Secrets Capri, however just speaks to me from the moment I walk in. It’s a smaller, more manageable resort for me and that is exactly what I prefer on a vacation. It reminds me of a colonial plantation resort on the west coast of Mexico.   It is very easy to walk around, and nothing seems too far away. The pool is a perfect size with space to relax and be alone, but also a pool bar to be social with other guests if you prefer.  The Cactus Club Ceviche & Taco Bar next to the pool and beach, is not to be missed.  Oceana the Fresh Seafood and Seaside Grill & Caribbean Steakhouse offer spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea while you dine.  And, the food at all restaurants is just spectacular. The rooms at Secrets Capri are a perfect size, they are a little bit larger than I was expecting and the bathrooms are beautifully decorated.  Even the beautiful yellow color of the resort is just calming.

Sure Secrets Maroma has one of THE  most amazing beaches in the world, and Secrets Silversands has a spectacular infinity pool and is a bit livelier, and Secrets the Vine is just breathtaking and in the middle of  Cancun, but Secrets Capri has my heart. Vacationing and visiting Secrets Capri is truly treat for me, since most of my vacations are family oriented and this resort is adults only.  But I cannot wait to get back here soon, very soon.


Trip of a Lifetime at Secret’s Capri Riviera Cancun part 2

I was admittedly jealous to send my brother and his wife to the resort I am dreaming to stay at, but now that he is back and I heard all about it, I want to go there even more!

Here is his review:
Secrets Capri was absolutely amazing and worth every penny we spent. It was honestly the trip of a lifetime. The best thing about the resort is the spectacular staff and service. They really make sure everyone is welcomed, happy and enjoying their vacation. They truly go above and beyond in every way. The staff checks in on you often. I just can’t say enough about them.
The resort is smaller and manageable, but there is still so much to do. We played pool games and did water aerobics during the day (they even let me teach a few days), and we almost won the newlywed game one night! We met many couples at the resort and all had a fun time together.

The spa at Secrets Capri was great. We couldn’t decide if we should get massages in the spa or on the beach, so we did both! I highly recommend the beach massage. It was so relaxing with an ocean breeze and a perfect view.


The food was delicious and we were happy not to be on a schedule with dining reservations. We could go as we pleased, and not have to rush.
The resort was beautiful. It was just a perfect trip, check out some of our pictures.
We are already planning our next trip back!

Trip of a Lifetime at Secret’s Capri Riviera Cancun part 1

The least expensive vacation – is not always the best choice.

My brother wanted to go away, so I booked him on an Apple Vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico. He wanted to go away the week before Easter , which books early and is typically more expensive since it is a peak holiday week. But that was the only week he and his wife could go. I researched a bunch of locations, kept an eye on rates, and we found a good hotel at a GREAT price for a week in Riviera Maya, so we snatched it up. I was so happy to snag him a really great deal for such a popular week. Kudos to me!

As time got closer I started to panic a bit. It was a GREAT deal but… He was going to be there a full week and the hotel only had 3 restaurants. I didn’t know anyone who stayed there, so I didn’t know how the staff or service would be. It was far from the airport and they did not have non stop transfers…But, he does not travel that often so I was sure he would still like it. But then again, that itself was the problem. I am sure he would like it – but I wanted him to LOVE it!!!
The week before I called him and we decided to upgrade him to Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun. It was more money, but I knew it would be worth it. I have been there on a tour and know it is gorgeous. I actually desperately want to stay there myself, as soon as I can convince myself to take a vacation without my son. It is adults only, so perfect for a couple traveling alone. The service is spectacular, there are 6 restaurants, a stunning pool and a beautiful beach. And, he would now have non – stop transfers. I knew his expectations were high, and I knew he could pay a little more, so upgrading for him was the right choice.
For many people budget is super important and I totally get that. With a great deal, it allows people to travel, that may have otherwise not been able to. And it allows frequent travelers to go more often. But if your expectations are high, make sure you book a vacation that will meet those expectations.
So my brother called me on his way home from the airport and said he had 4 words for me … TRIP OF A LIFETIME. Which was exactly what I wanted to hear.
Stay tuned to this blog for his upcoming review of Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun.

Riviera Maya Hotel Reviews

dreamspuertoaventuras-066More reviews from our Florida sales rep, Everton, escorting his first FAM trip to Riviera Maya.

Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya – This resort has 960 oversized junior suites, 3 beautiful pools and a huge lazy river that wraps around the report! The resort also features a beautiful and large open-air theater with nightly entertainment, and 8 a la carte restaurants (reservations required). They have a Kids Club with a “cushioned pool” which is a cool feature for the kids. This Resort features a new MASSIVE Spa with a Salt Water Floatarium. All the spa treatments that are available were stunning. Apple guests get an exclusive beach party twice a week, which is a great Apple exclusive. The resort also has Mayan ruins on site.  This property is truly amazing!!!

Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa – This resort has 7 floors, which makes it the TALLEST building in the Riviera Maya.  Stunning ocean and lagoon views!  The coved beach is perfect for families with younger children. The water is crystal clear with no high waves! This makes for great diving and snorkeling.  They offer an adults-only pool area with pool bar and restaurant.  The hotel is located in the heart of Puerto Aventuras with shopping and dining!  You can even swim with the dolphins’ right across the street. The food was great and so was the service! The Preferred Club, which is the entire 7th floor of this resort, is a great option for an upgrade.

Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun – The food, service, quality and staff of this resort can’t be topped!  As with all AMResorts, free non-stop transfers are included when booked with Apple Vacations. No wristbands, dining restrictions or dining reservations are required.  24-hour room service is available. Resort offers 291 rooms and suites, 6 restaurants and a massive newly built Spa by Pevonia. This resort offers a complimentary shuttle to and from Playa del Carmen once daily.

Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun – This beach was WOW! It was just amazing and breathtaking, the ULTIMATE beach in Riviera Maya!  The best beach I saw. This is an adults-only resort with 412 suites, 6 restaurants and 6 bars. They offer 24-hour room service, beach service, pool service, top shelf liquors and American beer.  If you want room service, but don’t want to have to be disturbed? Not an issue, each suite boasts a “Secrets Box”. The staff can place your order in the box from the hall and you can retrieve the order from inside! This was a unique and cool feature! Great selling tool!

Secrets Capri

capriI visited Secrets Capri earlier this summer on a visit. I LOVED it and can’t wait to go back and stay. I loved the Colonial architecture and feel of the property. It almost feels like a “West Coast” of Mexico style “mansion” versus a hotel. I also liked that the hotel was smaller than the other Secrets Resorts and everything is within reach within the hotel. When a radio station colleague was going on vacation to Secrets Capri, I could not wait to hear what he thought of it. Here is his feedback.

Secrets Capri is the perfect size resort for us 50-plus year-old baby-boomers. It’s a short walk from the beautiful lobby to the guest rooms, the pool area & right to the gorgeous beach. You’re not overwhelmed by the size. The specialty restaurants, staff and rooms are all terrific. Secrets Capri’s short distance to downtown Playa del Carmen is also a big plus!

So on your next vacation if you are looking for an adults-only hotel with a smaller feel, then look to Secrets Capri!