Icelandair Ease from New England to Cancun, Punta Cana


If you plan on traveling from New England to Cancun or Punta Cana this winter, Apple Vacations has made your trip a whole lot easier!

We will be offering exclusive vacation flights from Boston to Cancun and Punta Cana non – stop via Icelandair, starting from December 20, 2014 through April 26, 2015.

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What’s an Apple Vacations “Exclusive Vacation Flight”?

Written by Liz Bondelid, Apple Vacations E-Commerce

So, whats an Exclusive Vacation Flight?

Exclusive Vacation Flights are designed solely for you, the traveler. One of the reasons why Apple Vacations is America’s favorite vacation company is that we leverage our buying power and strong relationships with many major air carriers to offer the best prices and flight times to many sunny destinations. In fact, most of our flights can have you on the beach by lunchtime!

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Your Choice, Your Seat!

Apple Vacations introduces Seat Selection!


You’ve asked and we’ve listened!  Purchase a value vacation package with Apple Vacations and you will now have the option to select your seat!  Apple Vacations scheduled value flights have historically not offered Seat Selection and you were advised of your seat assignment at the airport when you checked in for your flight, but times have changed.  Now it’s your choice!  Purchase a seat prior to departure to choose where you will sit, or simply arrive to the airport and a seat will be assigned upon check-in.  It’s up to you!

We have created a user friendly Seat Selection application that allows you to select a seat when making a reservation through or AOL 4.0.  To know if your flight offers Seat Selection, look for the ‘View Seats’ link under the flight choices when searching flight options.


If your flight offers Seat Selection, you will be able to select your seat in the ‘Apple Extras’ step of the booking process.  Within the Your Flight section of the itinerary you have chosen, look for the ‘Select/Change Seats’ link.

Click the ‘Select/Change Seats’ link and a seating chart for each leg of your flight itinerary will appear.


3 Easy Steps !

  1. Select each leg of your flight itinerary by clicking on the tab at the top of the seat chart.
  2. Click on the seat number (s) you would like to purchase.  The price of the seat as well as a description of the seat you chose will display next to each passenger.  (Select the next leg and repeat this step.)
  3. When all seats are selected, click ‘Done’ at the bottom of the screen!





If you change your mind on the seats you chose, you have the option on the ‘Billing’ screen to make a change before you apply payment.  It’s really just that easy!

A couple of quick tips:

  • If you are traveling on AirTran Airways, some AirTran flights offer First Class and Coach seating.  If you want First Class, be sure to choose the First Class (F) fare when selecting your flight.  Selecting F fare class will display the First Class seating chart during Seat Selection.  Otherwise, all other fare classes will display the Coach seat chart for Seat Selection.
  • AirTran’s First Class section offers a large leather seat with a 37” seat pitch. First Class also includes all of the Preferred Perks Plus amenities including: priority check in & boarding, priority luggage (bags off the first), a snack box and two standard beverages per person.  All of this is included in the price!

COMING IN FEBRUARY 2013! If you are traveling on Frontier Airlines, Frontier offers Stretch and Coach seating. You can choose any fare class and the seating chart will offer both Coach and the upgrade Preferred Perks Plus stretch seats.  Preferred Perks Plus seats are located in rows 1-4 of the aircraft.

  • Frontier’s Stretch seating offers a roomy 36’ seat pitch plus all of the Preferred Perks Plus amenities!  Whether you choose Preferred Perks Plus seating or any other seat on the aircraft, enjoy complimentary Direct TV access with over 30 channels!
  • If you choose a seat in the Exit Row of the aircraft, you must agree that you meet the physical needs and age requirements to sit in those seats.  If you are unable to perform the duties of sitting in the Exit Row, you will be moved to another seat.
  • If you did not select a seat during the reservation process and decide later that you want to purchase seats, no problem!  Just give us a call at 1-800-517-2000 and we will be happy to assist you!  But don’t delay the Seat Selection option will close 5 days prior to departure!

Reminder:  Seat Selection is not available on all flights.  Only flights displaying the View Seats link when selecting flights will offer Seat Selection.

My first flight on Frontier Airlines!

My recent trip to Cancun, Mexico started off amazing thanks to Frontier Airlines. It was my first flight on Frontier and I just can’t wait to fly again!  There are so many great things to tell you.

Preferred Perks Check-In Here

Upon arriving to the airport, exactly 2 hours before myflight, there was a short line forregular check-in. Then I saw the Preferred Perks Pluscheck-in sign…with no line!  WithPreferred Perks Plus we were checked in and thru security in a matter of minutes.

A fun thing to note, especially for kids, is that Frontier Airlines has what they call “Animal Tales”, they are the “spokes-animals” that represent Frontier’s character, commitment to service and humor. Each airplane carries a unique “spokes-animal”.  My son was excited to get to the gate to see what animal we would have. As soon as we got to the gate we saw that Ozzy the Orca was taking us to Cancun!


Apple Vacations is pleased to announce our exclusive nonstop charter flights will be operated this winter by Frontier Airlines on their new, state-of-the-art Airbus A320 fleet!


We sat in row 2 and had more than ample leg room, I was pleasantly surprised. There were TV’s in every seat back and they distributed headphones. This was great because our portable DVD player was suddenly MIA as we were packing. And, we could each watch whatever shows we wanted since we each had our own TV.  On our flight there was a nice selection of movies, TV shows and I even watched a live tennis match from The Olympics.

When food and beverage service came around we handed in our cards and received a nice breakfast and drinks – all included with Preferred Perks Plus! This alone was worth the cost of Preferred Perks Plus.

It was really a great experience. Between the comfortable flight, nice meal, and tennis match – we landed in Cancun in what seemed to be no time at all.


Frontier Airlines - Meeting Captain



Apple Vacations launches aggressive expansion for winter 2013 vacation options

(Elk Grove Village, IL – Aug. 9, 2012) Apple Vacations today announced 11 new exclusive vacation flights to Mexico and the Caribbean from multiple US gateways. The expanded offerings enable Apple Vacations’ to provide consumers with thousands of new airseats – a year over year increase of 15% – on exclusive vacation flights initiating throughout the US in time for the winter 2012/2013 travel season.


Apple Vacations today announced 11 new exclusive vacation flights to Mexico and the Caribbean from multiple US gateways.


Additionally, Apple Vacations will expand operations into three new markets: Austin, TX, Des Moines, IA and Kansas City, MO. New winter exclusive vacation flights include:

• Austin, TX to Cancun, Mexico
• Detroit to Montego Bay, Jamaica
• Des Moines, IA to Cancun, Mexico
• Hartford, CT to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
• Kansas City, MO to Cancun, Mexico
• Kansas City, MO to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
• Kansas City, MO to Los Cabos, Mexico
• Lansing, MI to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
• Minneapolis to Huatulco, Mexico
• Rockford, IL to Montego Bay, Jamaica
• St. Louis to Huatulco, Mexico

“We are always looking for new ways to offer new vacation experiences to our customers,” said Tim Mullen, Apple Vacations President. “Extensive consumer research and input from travel agents helps us to determine what new, nonstop flights to offer to ‘which’ destinations’ from ‘what city’. We try to make our customer’s vacation experience the best it can be – and many times it starts with ‘where they want to go’ and how easily they can get there. This is where that experience begins.”

Apple Vacations works with established airlines such as Sun Country Airlines, Frontier Airlines. jetBlue Airways and AirTran Airways to provide customers with state-of-the-art, first generation aircraft for its exclusive vacation flights. There are many advantages to flying on one of Apple Vacations’ exclusive vacation flights:

• Nonstop flights to new vacation hotspots – Apple Vacations has weekly nonstop flights from select gateways this winter to beach destinations like Costa Rica and Huatulco, Mexico. From many US gateways, Apple Vacations has the ONLY nonstop flights to a vacation destination.

• Vacation accessibility from underserved airports – This winter, Apple Vacations will have nonstop flights from Austin, TX, Rockford, IL, Lansing, MI, Des Moines, IA, Hartford, CT and Kansas City, MO, in addition to nonstop flights from larger cities like Chicago, Philadelphia and Minneapolis.

• Superior buying power – Apple Vacations is the number one tour operator in the world to Mexico and the Dominican Republic, and its overall passenger volume results in rate advantage.

• With Apple Vacations, round-trip hotel transfers are always included on international packages. Depending on your hotel, this could save consumers up to $100 per person.

Dominating your Euro-Pack & Flight

One of the fine arts of traveling is mastering the pack for air travel. My friends and I get nerdy about it and revel in the glory we feel when baggage fees are averted.  Here are my rules/tips for a great pack & smooth flight to Europe.

  • Keep it light! When choosing clothing, go practical over fashion.  You likely only need one coat that is seasonally appropriate. To save room in your baggage wear your coat and bulkiest shoes through airport security and keep it out of your bag.
  • Pack a lightweight duffel bag in your suitcase. Choose one you can scrunch up in your luggage in case you need to shuffle around items or you buy too many souvenirs. Inter-continental European flights tend to be small planes and have more restrictions on the weight of baggage. Having an extra duffle will help you even out the weight or possibly combine forces with your traveling companion to avoid fees.
  • Bring a pen. You’ll need it to fill out forms for immigration & customs.
  • Put your carry-on items in the overhead compartment. There’s nothing worse than having your knees stuck to your chest for 8 hours because you couldn’t part with your laptop, ipod, jacket, book, magazines. Take something reasonable out of your bag that you will use and leave the rest overhead.
  • Purchase a Euro or UK power adapter (depending on where you are going) before your trip or at the airport. Most cell phones and laptops work 110-240V but not all electronic devices so an adaptor is very handy. If your device isn’t rated up to 240V, don’t use it. You can always purchase a step-down power converter for travel but they can be a little heavy.
  • Put your smart phone in Airplane mode and turn off all GPS and data sources. I bring a cheap £20 phone I bought in Scotland with a pay-as-you-go plan that I use to communicate with friends I meet overseas. My travel mates and I set up regular meeting times so we can split up and have traveled weeks without phones.
  • Pack a little snack for your flight! If an airline offers in-flight meals for purchase they don’t always have enough for everyone. Avoid having to chew on the Sky Mall magazine.
  • Put luggage tags on everything! Traveling is disorienting and you’re bound to forget something one of these days.


San Sebastián is located in the north of Spain, on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. Close to the French border.

Happy 4th of July! Find an Apple Vacation Made in the U.S.A.

I was in Macy’s this winter and a man came up to me and said “point me to the direction of clothes only made in the U.S.A,” that’s all he wanted to buy. The same applies to vacations. Some people want to keep their spending within the U.S. Others simply don’t have the funds for a vacation AND a passport.

I love traveling all over the globe, but for those who want to focus on travel within our beautiful country, this blog is for you. There are a variety of destinations Apple Vacations offers that are within the U.S. that I want to highlight. Imagine the fireworks, cook out’s and celebrations these destinations have to offer!

First up, is one of our most popular destinations and our 50th state – Hawaii. In Hawaii you can relax on just one island, or take a multi-island vacation and discover the unique characteristics of each. There is a perfect Apple Vacation for singles, couples, families, spa vacations, golf vacations and even girls getaways. Apple Vacations offers over 150 of the best hotels and condos on six islands to suit every preference and budget. Look to our Hawaii micro site to find the resort for you.

Hawaii is on my travel list! I can’t wait to go. I keep a book of the articles I read on Hawaii with the places I want to visit, hotels I want to stay at, islands I want to explore, food I want to try, and excursions I want to do. When I am ready to book, I’ll have it all ready.

Puerto Rico is another great choice. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, citizens of the U.S. are not required to carry a passport to enter Puerto Rico. When I was young, I remember my dad taking off each winter for a golf vacation to San Juan with his friends. It always sounded so amazing and exotic. After all, the island is known asthe island of enchantment”. Puerto Rico features world class resorts, championship golf, 300 miles of shoreline, fabulous shops, exciting nightclubs and casinos. The Latin flare in Puerto Rico inspires amazing cuisine as well.

“No Passport Required” is the slogan for the U.S. Virgin Islands. Apple Vacations offers Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas. The U.S. Virgin Islands offer pristine beaches, warm weather, and crystal-clear waters. They are also culturally diverse as residents are literally from everywhere including Africa, England, Holland, Denmark, Spain, France, India and the United States. Visit St. Thomas’ Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the U.S.Virgin Islands and home to one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. The most visited port in the Caribbean, Charlotte Amalie is known as the shopping mecca of the Caribbean with its winding streets of world-class duty free shops. St. Croix Turtle Beach on Buck’s west end has been voted one of the world’s most beautiful beaches by National Geographic. For a more laid-back vacation, bask in the mesmerizing natural beauty of St. John, the smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands and a short ferry ride from St. Thomas. Two thirds of St. John is designated as a National Park, featuring spectacular trails, secluded coves and dazzling white beaches.

Last but not least, if the beach is not for you, head for the mountains. Apple Vacations offers ski & mountain vacations in 7 regions in 2 countries. Find the perfect one for you here.

Happy 4th of July to everyone!