Hurricane Madeline – Hawaii Island

Updated 8/30/16, 7:00pm EDT

Hurricane Madeline is expected to be near or over Hawaii Island, known as the Big Island, by Wednesday, 8/31/16, according to the National Hurricane Center. Madeline is currently a category 3 hurricane. Hurricane force winds, heavy rain and high surf are expected.

If you purchased AV-OK Total Vacation Security, you may change or cancel with a full refund less the AV-OK premium. If not, please be advised that cancellation and change policies vary by hotel and airline. If you are scheduled to travel to Hawaii Island (Kona or Hilo airports) in the next few days, please contact your travel agent or our Reservations Call Center at 1-800-365-2775 and we will work with you to reschedule your travel arrangements.

Please check with your airline at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure, and again before leaving for the airport. You can set up automatic flight alerts by visiting your airline’s website and entering your flight numbers. If you are traveling on a scheduled air flight that has been delayed or cancelled, your travel agent (if applicable) should contact Apple Vacations so that we can update your transfer/hotel accordingly. If you did not book through a travel agent, contact our Day of Departure Services Dept. at 1-800-517-2000, prompt 2, then prompt 1.

For the most current status of Hurricane Madeline, visit the National Hurricane Center’s website:

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