2017 Mexico Travel Advisory

Updated Sep 13, 2017
Travel to Mexico

Mexico welcomes 35 million international visitors a year and is currently the eighth most visited country in the world. Overall, international visitors to Mexico increased by more than 9 percent between January and July this year as compared to last year. As a leading tourist destination, visitor health and safety is one of Mexico’s top priorities. The recent U.S. State Department Travel warnings pertain specifically to isolated incidents of violence taking place in locations not frequented by international tourists.  Such incidents are extremely rare in popular tourist areas. The Mexican government and Mexican tourism board have long-standing protocols in place to prevent any disruption in tourist areas. They also support strict guidelines and a strong commitment to the highest standards of excellence in hospitality. Visitors consistently return home reporting positive experiences.

Apple Vacations works with high quality resorts. The vast majority of our customers stay at all-inclusive resorts which have restricted access and onsite security.  With the normal precautions you would take travelling anywhere in the world, you can expect to have a wonderful vacation as planned. Together, the Mexican government, tourism board and resorts are committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in hospitality and delivering outstanding service to each and every guest.  Visitors consistently return home reporting positive experiences. In fact, in 2016 94% of U.S. visitors reported an experience that exceeded their expectations and 86% said they would like to come back again in the next six months.


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Riviera Maya’s Municipality of Solidaridad Eco Tax

The Municipalidad of Solidaridad in the Rivera Maya is one of the most beautiful places in the Mexican Caribbean.  Tourism has been instrumental in driving the economic and social development of the region.

In an effort to continue to preserve, conserve and beautify the destination, Riviera Maya’s Municipality of Solidaridad has implemented a small environmental levy on visitors effective September 1, 2017.  Hotels will collect 20 Mexican pesos

per room per day upon check-out; the proceeds will be deposited in an environmental trust to fund local projects.  The Municipalidad of Solidaridad thanks you for your understanding and support of this worthwhile endeavor.

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