What is the ideal spot for your destination wedding ceremony?

as told by Maddie Horvath, Destination Wedding Specialist Intern 

If you’ve chosen your destination wedding location, you may be wondering where to hold your ceremony. It’s important to consider the size of your guest list and your personal vision for your wedding when choosing a ceremony site. Whichever spot you choose, your wedding is sure to be beautiful!

Photo Credit: Apple Vacation – Beach Wedding


For a ceremony on the beach, wedding attire is often lighter and more comfortable to accommodate the warm weather and sand. If you plan to wear heels on your wedding day, and believe your guests will do the same, you may run into trouble with a beach ceremony. Remember, brides: Mother (Nature) knows best. A wedding facing the water is scenic and romantic, but don’t forget to keep in mind the breezes and tides when booking your ceremony! At most resorts, destination beach weddings are semi-private, where the beach will not be restricted to other resort guests, but may be held in a less-populated area.


Photo Credit: Apple Vacations – Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort Destination Wedding, Gazebo



If you like the ocean breeze and beautiful views, but don’t want to sacrifice your dress and shoes for the sand, a gazebo wedding might be perfect for you. Generally, the bride and groom will stand in a gazebo, while the guests sit on the surrounding deck or patio. Guests might not be as close to the “I do’s” as you would like, so keep this in mind when planning your nuptials! Like the beach wedding, gazebo ceremonies are often semi-private and may be more- or less-crowded depending on the date and time of your ceremony. Play up the beach theme by adding seashells to your décor, so you can get the beach look without the sand beneath your feet!




If you love flowers and greenery, see if your resort has a garden wedding option. You can still feel the warm sun and cool breezes of the beach, but have your wedding ceremony in a beautiful, unique location. You could also save some money on floral decorations by holding your wedding ceremony surrounded by nature’s finest blooms! Don’t forget to tell your guests to bring the bug spray!


We know you’ve dreamed of this day for a long time. Few things in life are as important as this day and few options as romantic as a Destination Wedding. When properly planned, a Destination Wedding can actually save you a lot of money…but most Brides and Grooms don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in. Apple Vacations will not only help you find the perfect destination; we’ll make your wedding easy and affordable for friends and family too!


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