My first flight on Frontier Airlines!

My recent trip to Cancun, Mexico started off amazing thanks to Frontier Airlines. It was my first flight on Frontier and I just can’t wait to fly again!  There are so many great things to tell you.

Preferred Perks Check-In Here

Upon arriving to the airport, exactly 2 hours before myflight, there was a short line forregular check-in. Then I saw the Preferred Perks Pluscheck-in sign…with no line!  WithPreferred Perks Plus we were checked in and thru security in a matter of minutes.

A fun thing to note, especially for kids, is that Frontier Airlines has what they call “Animal Tales”, they are the “spokes-animals” that represent Frontier’s character, commitment to service and humor. Each airplane carries a unique “spokes-animal”.  My son was excited to get to the gate to see what animal we would have. As soon as we got to the gate we saw that Ozzy the Orca was taking us to Cancun!


Apple Vacations is pleased to announce our exclusive nonstop charter flights will be operated this winter by Frontier Airlines on their new, state-of-the-art Airbus A320 fleet!


We sat in row 2 and had more than ample leg room, I was pleasantly surprised. There were TV’s in every seat back and they distributed headphones. This was great because our portable DVD player was suddenly MIA as we were packing. And, we could each watch whatever shows we wanted since we each had our own TV.  On our flight there was a nice selection of movies, TV shows and I even watched a live tennis match from The Olympics.

When food and beverage service came around we handed in our cards and received a nice breakfast and drinks – all included with Preferred Perks Plus! This alone was worth the cost of Preferred Perks Plus.

It was really a great experience. Between the comfortable flight, nice meal, and tennis match – we landed in Cancun in what seemed to be no time at all.


Frontier Airlines - Meeting Captain



Best. Flight. Ever.

My bags are finally, completely, 100% unpacked. Yes, we returned home about a month ago. Don’t judge. I finally committed to dramatically shaking out my beach bag and watching the last teeny tiny remnants of beautiful Maroma sand slowly, and sadly, fall to the floor. So not only is vacation over, I also have to vacuum. Awesome!

Ok, here we go. Naturally the beach was fab, the drinks quite tropical and the food amazing (seriously, if anyone can FedEx my fiancé and I Himitsu’s Tempura Ice Cream, we’d be forever grateful), but, but, but, one part of my vacation I often gloss over, is the flight.

Let me just say: Best. Flight. Ever.


I’m usually just a bit “meh” about the whole getting there part, and I’m certainly very “urgh” about the entire coming home part. To make the time in-flight pass as quickly as possible I’ll read (rarely), work (sometimes), sleep (more like it), and play Mario Kart (there it is). This time? Not so much.

I flew Frontier for the first time ever from Philly to Cancun. I got Preferred Perks as per usual, and during check-in I was given an envelope with 4 drink tickets and 2 snack-box tickets (presents!). Let’s do the math: Drinks on a plane are about $7 each, snacks and meals can be the same… so I basically paid $39 to receive $42 worth of goodies PLUS get more legroom, priority boarding and super-speedy baggage handling.


So we board, take -off, hit our cruising altitude and, much like good old paper money, my coupons start burning a hole in my pocket. So I got a drink. A snack-box. And another drink because well, why make two trips?

By the way, it’s ok to drink Chardonnay before 10am if you are on vacation, the flight attendant said so.

So here I am,  happy girl with a tray table chock full of practically free goodies, and I look over to see I’ve lost my fiancé and his refreshments to watching baseball, football, jai alai or some other sport of sorts on TV. (Yep, there’s even TV!)
So even airborne somewhere over the Carolinas, I still can’t escape sports.  But wait!  I start to flip through MY channels on MY own personal television and, bye-bye SportsCenter, hell-o Bravo and Food Network. Not only do I have snacks and drinks, I now have almost three hours of solid Real Housewives and Barefoot Contessa. Sold!

Needless to say, the video games didn’t come out once. My vacation started literally the moment I stepped on that plane. I know it seems small, but I really, thoroughly enjoyed getting to my destination. And ya know what? Frontier made the ride home a bit more bearable, too. Overall, two very enthusiastic thumbs up! Thanks for sending me off, and brining me home in style, F9! Let’s do it again soon.

PS: Yes, I brought my parents and they had an absolute blast, too.  Truly good times had by all.

Happy travels!

Preferred Perks Plus is a Must!

Today Apple Vacations launched a new program called Preferred Perks PLUS!  You get all of the same great features of our Preferred Perks program including priority check in, priority boarding, priority baggage handling and preferred seating in the front of the aircraft – PLUS – one complimentary meal and two complimentary alcoholic beverages (if you are 21 or older…) on each flight!

To take advantage of Preferred Perks Plus on USA3000 or Frontier Airlines simply add the supplement to your booking.  If you are traveling on AirTran, book First Class and Preferred Perks Plus is included in the price!

Just one more reason why Apple Vacations is America’s Favorite Vacation Company!

Read reviews from recent travelers…

Bob Braderman told us “I thought Preferred Perks Plus was absolutely terrific! Leg room on the airplane is almost unheard of these days, and I had plenty! I enjoyed the flight thoroughly because I could sit back, enjoy a couple drinks, have a snack box of goodies and watch TV. Thumbs Up for Apple Vacations!”

Susan Gains put in her two cents, “The Preferred Perks Plus option is a great value and service provided in the days of airlines cutting back. I was very impressed and would highly recommend these additional amenities. It’s the right way to start a fantastic vacation!”

Preferred Perks Plus is available on select Vacation Flights.

Inaugural Frontier Flight

Apple Vacations and Frontier Airlines inaugural flight from Philadelphia to Punta Cana was on October 17, 2011. We all know that Apple Vacations is no stranger to Punta Cana, sending well over 1 million vacationers to this beautiful island destination. However this was Frontier Airlines first landing in Punta Cana! Apple Vacationers via Frontier Airlines were greeted with the celebratory coveted water arc to celebrate the arrival. 

Apple Vacations is very excited to offer vacationers packages via Frontier Airlines on their new, state-of-the-art Airbus A320 fleet! For a list of available amenities on board Frontier Airlines and to see where Apple Vacations flies to Punta Cana via Frontier Airlines click here.

Another cool fun fact about Frontier is their “spokes-animals”. Each airplane carries a unique spokes-animal from their “stable.” They currently have more than 60 animals that are on their airplanes! I think they’ve got the best spokesanimals in the business. Probably because they love what they do and have fun doing it – just like me.