Why Preferred Club?

mexico-nov-11-327People say why upgrade, what are the perks?

On my recent stay to Now Jade Riviera Cancun, I had an upgrade to the Preferred Club. So what did this mean? Most hotels do have an upgraded section or upgraded rooms.

At Now Jade, upon arrival, we went thru the main lobby and into the Preferred Club where we had a private check in the Preferred Club lounge.

From that point on, our key provided us access to the Preferred Club where there were always plenty of drinks, sandwiches and snacks. There were board games available for rainy or lazy days. There were 2 computers with free internet access. There was also a Preferred Club concierge there for any assistance we needed.

Preferred Club rooms are larger. It was a full suite with a sitting area and separate living areas.  There was plenty of room for a family. There were also extra amenities in the room such as chips, candy and liquor.

The best part about the Preferred Club is the Preferred Club adults-only pool.  It’s an amazing infinity pool with a great swim up bar. On our latest trip, when our son went to the kids club each afternoon, we would head over to this pool to relax. Bali beds and upgraded lounge chairs surround the pool.

If you can afford it, it is an upgrade, I would definitely suggest it! It is well worth it. And say hi to Fransisco at the Preferred Club pool for me!

Thinking of a Destination Wedding?

mexico-nov-11-307Destination Weddings are a very hot trend right now. They are really affordable and a great way to have a “family reunion” and a wedding at the same time. With a Destination Wedding, instead of spending just a few hours with loved ones, it gives you plenty of time to reconnect in resort.  Plus, with the spa services, restaurants, and entertainment at the hotel, it gives you quality time to spend with your bridal party and loved ones right within the complex.

If you are thinking of a Destination Wedding, just like home, there are many options to choose from. On my recent trip to Now Jade Riviera Cancun, I saw 3 of these events.

The day before the big event you would see the bride and girls at the beach and at the nightclub and you may see the guys at the pool bar, going golfing or out snorkeling at the hotel. Then the day of the wedding, the girls would spend the day at the spa — right at the resort — getting their nails and hair done. They were all having so much fun.

I saw 3 different weddings at Now Jade over the week. They each had 3 different locations for the wedding ceremony and 3 different locations of the reception.

The first wedding I saw was right in the main courtyard of the hotel. It was in the lush green gardens with the blue Caribbean Sea in the background. Then they had the reception at “Spices” in a private section (the restaurant was closed).

The second wedding was right on the beach. They then moved to the beach bar for cocktails and then inside a beautiful private room, surrounded on all 4 sides by glass for the reception. They could gaze out to the stars all night long.

The third wedding was on a hotel overlook right over the beach, right at sunset. It was stunning. The reception was right next to the ceremony.

Just like each person has their own personal taste, you can put your personal touch on your Destination Wedding. Check out the album on Facebook to see the photos that I took of the various locations.

Review: “Spice” at Now Jade Riviera Cancun

spiceFor my son’s birthday, he chose the Asian restaurant Spice for his “special dinner“. Spice opened at 5:30 and was available for immediate seating. You can sit at a regular table and order from a menu, or you can sit at a Hibatchi table (for 10 people) where they cook on the grill right in front of you. The menu at the Hibatchi table is pre-set for all who sit at the table.

I arrived at 6:00 and waited for the Hibatchi tables to fill, then I gave them my name so I could be in the next seating. They gave me a beeper to come back and said the Hibatchi would take “about” an hour.

We then got ready for dinner, and as we were walking back to Spice, the beeper went off. They sat us at a table with another family, which was nice since then there were several kids. Everyone at the table received sushi and soup. Then the chef made fried rice, and did several egg tricks, right in front of us. Then we each chose chicken, beef or fish as the main entrée we wanted. I chose “mixed” and they were all spectacular – especially the fresh fish. The chef prepared the meal right in front of us, with all of his spatula and knife tricks. He even set the table aflame a few times! All the kids at the tabled LOVED this! It was a fun show and very interesting to watch him cook our dinner on the grill right in front of us. The night was capped off with a birthday cake and fried ice cream. It was really a fun night for our group.

I highly recommend this restaurant. My tip is that if you want a Hibatchi table – then go early. The waiting list grows very fast. There was never much of a line for the other regular tables.

Check out Apple Vacations’ Facebook page for lots of pictures of our dinner at Spice.

Fitness on Vacation!

Just because you are on vacation, does not mean you need to take a vacation from smart, healthy & fitness principles. The editors and participants from Fitness Magazine showed us all this while in resort.

My last night at Now Jade Riviera Cancun, I took a nice long walk around the resort. There were several people playing tennis, playing basketball or heading out for a jog. Instead of a gym they were using their stunning natural environment for their workout.

Even after the Fitness Group left, I found myself using the stairs instead of the elevator or reaching for fruit rather than bread.

So I want to know some more ideas. How do you stay fit or exercise on vacation? Submit your ideas and the top ideas will win a Fitness Magazine “swag bag”. Post tips here on the blog or on our Facebook page.

Fly Eagles Fly!

tailgateWhen you go away you don’t have to miss the big games in resort.

At Now Jade they show all the NFL games in the sports bar. I walked in there on Sunday and there were over 100 people watching football. The night time games they show right on the beach! Last night we had the ultimate TAILGATE ON THE BEACH for the Eagles Redskins game. It was hosted by Philly Sportsradio WIP’s Joe Conklin with music by Paul Moore from Paddy’s Well.

The Eagles fight song could be heard down the beach every time the Eagles scored. And with that score last night the song played over, and over and over again!!!! The lone Redskins fan at the party was a good sport.

We all agreed we can’t wait to come back next year to do it all again. Go EAGLES!

More of my favorite things

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Explorer’s Kids club at Now Jade Riviera Cancun.

A sample afternoon of our trip is:

My son went to the Explorer’s Kids club in the late afternoon. They played games, had fun taking turns hitting the Pinata for candy and they topped the night off on the beach with dinner, roasting marshmallows and a movie right on the beach!

We went to the Adults only Preferred Club Pool where Fransisco at the pool bar made a few more of our favorite things and then we had dinner at the Mexican restaurant which was spectacular. Make sure you try the grilled cactus!

Check out Apple Vacations Facebook page for lots of great photos.