Kids Getaway at The Explorers Club

090707_explorer21Traveling to Dreams Tulum, I had my first experience using a kids club at a resort. I had not planned to do it, and thought we’d continue with our family togetherness vacations that had worked well in the past.

When we arrived at Dreams Tulum, we had lunch at Seaside Grill and then headed for the pool. For a family resort, I wondered where all the kids were. I soon found out they were in camp. How horrible of these parents to come to this beautiful resort and stick their kids in camp! I would soon eat those words. Continue reading

Through a Tween’s Eyes

Meet Madison, Melissa Brown’s “tween-ager” and a frequent traveler to Apple Vacations’ destinations.  Read about her experiences on a recent trip to Riviera Maya with her mom and big brother, GT.

090608_madisonHola! My name is Madison, I am 12 years old and I am in the 6th grade. Last week I got to go to Playa del Carmen, Mexico with my mom for a long weekend!

We stayed at the Iberostar Tucan, and it was so kewl! I saw real Toucans, monkeys and all sorts of wild life right there in the mini-jungle! The water was so turquoise and clear, you could see right though it, and the waves were ginormous! My mom and I spent hours jumping in the big waves. I also built a sand castle to look like a Mexican Mayan Ruin.

I think I probably had 10 ice cream cones because since it was all-inclusive, all the ice cream you could eat was included. My mom even let me have ice cream and French fries for lunch one day (only because we were on vacation)! I got a Henna tattoo around my ankle from the guy with his shop by the pool, it is really neat and I am going to try to fool my friends back at school into believing my mom let me get a real tattoo! Really it will wash away in about two weeks.

One day when it was real hot, my mom and I decided to paint a piece of pottery in the shade by the pool. I picked a turtle, and painted it purple and green and blue. It turned out really great. The airplane ride was fun too, the movie on the way home was Madagascar 2, it was so funny and we were home before I knew it.

Adios until my next trip!